Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Introduction to Wisdom

Prov. 1:1-7 - wisdom of God handed down to Solomon
Prov. 2:1-6, 9-11 - use diligence in looking for wisdom
Prov. 3:13-18, 4:5-9 - A small sample of what scripture says concerning wisdom!

Is reasonable to say "if any one thing you should seek, pursue in this life.... it's WISDOM! - according to Scripture.

Question:  What about salvation?  holiness?  knowledge?  God?
Answer:  in discovering Wisdom, you discover all of these!!


I.  Common Definition - (ex = Webster)
   1)  knowledge
   2)  ability to discern, have insight
   3)  good sense, good judgment - or any combination of these

II.  Eastern Tradition ADDS a person of knowledge, insight, and judgment - WHO APPLIED these things to practical affairs, everyday living.
Wisdom is more than head knowledge.  It = Right Thinking AND Right Actions

ie:  a person who utilizes knowledge, experience, insight, understanding
WISE MAN = a man skilled at life.
In Eastern Tradition, could glean the most good from life with the least hassle
Could make life work FOR him, not against him.

Example, Illustration:  on one hand, paddling with the current, not against it, yet not going with the current, but using the current to take him where he wanted to go!!!!

III.  Biblical Understanding  (adds a bit more)
Includes:  A) Knowledge of God and God's Will
               B)  fear, reverential awe of God - Prov. 1:7
               C)  A personal trust in God  - FAITH
               D)  the belief that all wisdom originates with God and comes from God.

To be wise in the Biblical sense = to be skilled at living in light of God's revelation and will.  ie:  to Master the Art of Living AS God intends.  Example:  a black belt in life - James 3:13

Note:  the Practical Value of Wisdom (as listed in Scripture)

In Wisdom you'll find:  knowledge, understanding, direction, purpose, insight, goodness, justice, moral rightness, social rightness, personal development, growth, maturity, confidence, inner peace, satisfaction, contentment, wholeness - prosperity of the soul.

A good name (reputation), favor with man, and favor with God

Also, in Wisdom, find GOD - so find eternal life eternal purpose, eternal rewards, eternal relationships.  Prov. 8:32-25, 8:19

Sounds good!! How to Acquire this wisdom???

Acquiring that Wisdom (list only 5 today).
#1.  Recognize Wisdom's Practical Value
Point is not become a SAGE with witty, impressive words!  It = maximize life!
2 ways to do this:  a)  Enjoyment of life (self)
                             b)  Impact  (others) - Make an Eternal difference

#2.  Seek Wisdom.  which is  more than receiving it as it come along.  "SEEK" implies A) intentionality.  Intentionality means B)  effort and C)  continuity - lifelong seeking.
Question:  how much serious seeking do you do???

#3.  Choose Wisdom - because you can find wisdom and still choose not to accept (use) it.  Example:  Solomon's latter years.
Problem of feelings!  "Know what should do, but don't want to!!!!"  Deut. 30:19 - not a one-time decision.  Must choose over and over again.

#4.  Seek God  Job. 28:20-28 - all wisdom comes ultimately from God.

#5.  Embrace Christ - because in Him we find:
                A)  God Incarnate - John 1:14
therefore:  B)  God Manifest - John 1:18 - God revealed, God made clear
In summary:  John 10:10

How it works ... (1) a circle - seek wisdom, leads to God, leads to Christ, leads to wisdom

                          (2)  more than a circle ... a spiral - (spiral up!)   wisdom leads to God, leads to Christ, leads to more wisdom, leads to more knowledge of God, leads to more knowledge of Christ, etc.

There is NO reason for God's people who have served Him for years to not have acquired a great deal of wisdom!!!

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