Monday, March 28, 2016

The Resurrection

What Happened???   Event of the Resurrection.
in short - Acts 3:15
       you killed
      God raised - literally, bodily
      we witnessed
This is the message throughout Acts.

But - the disciples experienced more than the miracle of the Resurrection.
They also experienced dramatic, personal TRANSFORMATION!
All were willing to go and follow this Jesus.  THEN He died, and everything was shattered.

After the CROSS = scattered, scared, confused
After the RESURRECTION = they are different people:  bold, confident, unmoving - even in face of death!!

Why the change?
Answer = They came to trust Jesus FULLY

Before the cross they trusted who they believed Him to be, what they expected and desired of Him.
After the resurrection they came to trust HIM and who He IS!!!

They were still confused, still didn't understand it all --- BUT they came to trust HIM fully - in spite of the mystery, confusion, unanswered questions!!

The Resurrection + 40 days more of teaching + the ascension + Pentecost solidified their faith!!!  They became fully confident of  Him, no matter what!!!

We can have these same things if we trust Him as they came to do.

They became Fully confident in:

(1)  His Authority
before the cross - they had seen His authority over:   walk on water, raise dead, heal sick, turn water into wine, etc.
BUT Then ---- arrest, trial, crucifixion ???
Example:  Resurrection + 40 days ==> Matt. 28:18 - His authority even exceeded death!!
(2) His Ability - all Authority leads to all Power!!  - Omnipotence = all power (omni-potent)

(3)  His Omniscience (all knowledge = No Surprises!!)

(4)  His Goodness - (ie:  His righteousness, commitment to what is good, righteous, just)

(5)  His Concern - (for them, us, people, individuals) - Rom. 8:31-32, 35,37-39

(6)  His Presence - example:  last words = Matt. 28:20, Heb. 13:5-6 - omnipresent - always with us.

(7)  His Involvement - Rom. 8:28  Phil. 1:6 - doesn't mean all things are good

(8)  His Return - (His coronation, His final victory)

Therefore:  Phil. 4:10-13 - vs. 12 -  secret  = trust Him

On one hand, none of this answered, satisfied all their questions, concerns
However, they (and millions since) have found it sufficient - until the answers come!!!

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