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The Lord's Supper

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Question:  What about before the bridge?  void?  temporary, partial bridge?  or - in place and not recognized?

Whatever is the answer, the Old Testament Sacrificial System - designed to enable man to (partly?) approach (in some way) an un-approachable God.

(1)  animal/blood for sin, trespass, burnt, peace (fellowship)
(2)  grain - cereal, drink offerings
(3)  daily offerings - (morning & evening)
(4)  festival offerings - Passover, Atonement
(5) priesthood to stand between - a go between - to offer, facilitate, plead your case
(6) barriers - stop gates, boundaries for safety!  - to keep sinful man out of immediate presence of sinless, Holy God.

AFTER the resurrection - Apostles came to recognize these as
           (1)  Picture Prophecies - acted out - instead of spoken
           (2)  fulfilled in Christ - His life, work, death, resurrection, etc.
All fulfilled the sacrificial system.

Words used by Christ (Himself), later the Apostles, later yet - Theologians - to describe the work done by Christ on the Cross.

#1.  Ransom = purchase freedom - example:  kidnapped - Mark 10:45

#2.  Redemption = buy back as in a pawn shop.  BUT - WE sold ourselves!!!  - 1 Pet. 1:18-19

#3.  Substitution = in our place, stead - 2 Cor. 5:21 - swapped my sin for His righteousness
The punishment should have fallen on me.

#4.  Propitiation = to appease (satisfy) wrath, anger - 1 John 2:1-2 (KJV)  - God's wrath turned toward sinfulness

#5.  Justification = act by which declared "not guilty" OR "no longer guilty" (because we know we all have been guilty) - therefore, in right standing - Rom. 5:9, 4:25

#6.  Remission  and #7.  Forgiveness = a debt absolved, pardoned, excused, satisfied - wrote off, even though not paid for

#8.  Expiation - is more than forgiven = Removed!!  Example:  OT Scapegoat - removal of sin = taking away!

#9.  Salvation = A) to deliver from   (judgment, punishment)
                         B) to preserve into (security) - our saved state

#10.  Reconciliation = a relationship restored - 2 Cor.5: 17-19

#11.  Sanctification = separated, set apart - apart from    apart unto  Therefore, act like it!!

#12.  Glorification = the eventual and final state of the believer

All these a result of His sacrifice!

Two more words:

1)  Voluntary - He did it of His own accord - did not have to do it.

2)  Efficacious = having the power to produce the (desired) effects.  (fulfill what was meant to happen)

So ..... the Bridge is Built - by the works of Christ
What remains = is to cross the Bridge - (accept, receive what's offered, available)

Tonight we celebrate His work, death - the Cross.  with the Lord's Supper - 1 Cor. 11:23-26
"do this"  "in remembrance"  and so "declare, show"

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