Monday, February 1, 2016

Full Harmony to First Squabble

The new church is getting started in a big way.  Even after threats of persecution by the Sanhedrin:
Acts 4:31-33 - were in full harmony!!!!  - very typical of the early days of the church.

THEN:  Acts 6:1 - the first squabble!!!
Acts 6:1-7  These were Hellenistic Jews - probably reading the scripture in Septuagint - were some differences but not fundamental.  NIV reads "complained", KJV - "murmured" which is more descriptive of what was actually happening.  A complaint is voiced and dealt with, but murmuring is nitpicky behind the scenes - to one another - not to deal with but create unrest.

I.  The source/origin - The Root of the Problem
Sin?  Sinfulness?  sinful tendency(s)?   which manifests 'self in 2 entities:
1)  demons - fallen angels
2)  people - mankind

Example:  A _________ church is made of _________ people.  You fill in the blanks using the same word in both.

Our response to this:
Obviously, we should:  #1 - Recognize imperfections (within the church)
                                    #2 - Address significant issues  (as here)

But also should  #3 - Tolerate minor offenses
Scripture says:  "bear with - be patient - be kind and compassionate - forgiving one another"

WHY does it command that?
Because:  #A.  There will be imperfections/offenses
               #B -  if we can't bear with that, there'll be NO CHURCH!!!

Our response to this?

#4  Admit that you are part of the problem   Example:  what's wrong with our church is partly me!!

II.  The Complaint of the People - may have been legitimate, BUT was not properly expressed!!!  Was done with murmuring and muttering.
Murmuring is more than an complaint that needs to be dealt with.
Murmuring #1.  suggests mal-intent (evil purpose, selfish agenda)
                 #2.  promotes discontent  (more than complaining.  = recruiting others to your way of thinking
                 #3.  quietly/subtly undermines the church  Example:  tornado proof building without termite protection.

Is murmuring a BIG deal?    Num. 14:26-29
So, guard yourself, watch the fellowship, WARN one another.   Should not be unwise of Satan's ways to destroy

III.  The Response of the Apostles
"appointed overseers" - - will deal with this next week.
 which....A.  promoted harmony within the church
              B.  presented a witness beyond the church

So, Acts 6:7

This DOES NOT MEAN that  if we admit our faults and suppress our murmurs, therefore all will be well in the church!!!  However, it's a good place to start!!!!

AND, it starts with me!!!!

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