Monday, February 8, 2016

Church Leadership 101

Last week - the church's 1st. squabble (dis harmony, discord)
Today = the leadership selected/appointed to deal with that

Acts 6:1-7 - the apostles had a larger task of praying, teaching, trying to set up "how to's" of establishing a new church, rather than taking care of food issues.  
Note:  there were thousands of priests and they changed every week so were hearing Peter and John's teaching a lot.  Many of them believed and joined the new church.

I.  The Job (task)  - "oversee the distribution" - were no social agencies, networks at this time to handle these types of tasks.

             What duties? - make decisions, handle money, represent the congregation, free the Apostles, restore harmony!!!

             Are these the first deacons? - on one hand, the office of deacon was not yet formally established.
However, these were the first formally appointed officers (exception being the apostles)

            Are they (then) Servants?  or Leaders? - Answer::  BOTH!!!  They are to serve in this position of responsibility - ie:  servant leader.  1 Pet. 5:1-3

II.  The Choosing (selection process)
        here = congregation chooses, Apostles approve the appointments
        elsewhere = Biblical Methods of Choosing Church Leadership
                          Numbers 8 = Levites - chosen by God, hands on by all Israel
                          Numbers 27 = Joshua - chosen by God, hands on by Moses, people approved
                         Acts 13:2 = Barnabas and Saul - chosen by the Holy Spirit, hands on by the prophets and teachers
                         Acts 14:23 = elders - chosen by Paul and Barnabas and appointed to each church (in the area)
                         Titus 1:5 = Elders - chosen and appointed by Titus (according to instructions by Paul)
                         2 Cor. 8:19 - Titus as messenger" to Corinth, chosen by the churches he would represent
                         Acts 6 =  the 7 - chosen by the congregation, hands on approved by the 12
                          Summary Verse - Acts 15:22 = the Council at Jerusalem sending official messengers to churches.  Each church free to select model, method which best suits its need.  (ie:  within parameters of scripture and Biblical models)

III.  the Qualifications  (*additional qualifications listed in 1 Tim. 3 and Titus)
but here = A Man OF:
          A)  character = more than a good man, but  = Godly man = "full of the Holy Spirit"
Question:  how to measure that? - by the FRUIT?? - Gal. 5:22-23 manifestation of nature within = fruit on outside.
         B)  Competence - "wisdom" (good head)   ie:  practical application of knowledge.  Point here is:  means more than a man with a good heart, but also with a good head!!!      
        C)  Reputation (good) - "known to be" - commonly known by the people  (this phrase common to scriptures on leadership selection)

This text often used as guidelines in selecting church leadership.
Today = Broaden Application to fit ALL of us"!!

What God Requires of His Leaders He Desires of us ALL!!

1)  Godly Character - is there a different "fruit" list for NON-LEADERS??  ie:  rotten fruit

2)  Ministerial Competence - Are only leaders to minister and serve?  to be capable?  productive?
1 Cor. 12:7   1 Pet. 4:10 - EACH one.....

3)  A Laudable Reputation (worthy of Applause, approval)
Because you represent:  A.  Christ - "Christian" = little Christ
                                     B.  Your Church
                                    C.  THE Faith = Christianity

Add 1 more thing God requires of Leaders but Desires of us all ----
 4)  Willingness... to serve --- to Lead --- to Assume responsibility.  We are not compelled, but choose to accept.

We are all called to lead in God's Kingdom

We are all measured by the same criteria  (same scale, standard, measure) - God doesn't measure individuals in different manners.

We are all expected to grow, develop, increase, improve our character, competence, reputation!!

1 Pet. 5:1-4

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