Monday, December 28, 2015


Jesus is gone.  10 days after ascension = Pentecost - beginning of the church.
Acts 3:1-26 - shortly after Pentecost - these are Jews - still following the Jewish ways, even though are now followers of Christ.  Lame man - leaping because he had never walked before.

Peter's Message = "Repent!!"  - turn to God

Note:  last week = John the Baptist.  Message = "Repent!"
Before that - Acts 2 - "Repent!"
Primary message of the Old Testament prophets = "Repent!"

All these messages were to God's own people - believers in God.

Question:  Why so prevalent?  Recurring?  Answer:  because so important (necessary to God's plan/intent for us)

Definition of repent = turn or return.
includes:  turning from (sin/s)
              turning to (God/'liness)
Don't have the full gospel message if doesn't include "repent"

Note:  message often - "Repent AND be Baptized" - Acts 2:38 - John the Baptist
Because  #1 to Repent and turn = show of faith
BUT #2 - Baptized = public declaration of that faith.  (formal/public act)

Why Repent?  -  2 Basic reasons:
         I)  to AVOID DISASTER (detriment/destruction)
        II)  to ENCOUNTER BLESSING (benefits)

Note:  this = true both Along the way - (life)
          and in the End (death)

Acts 3:19 -"Repent then and turn to God so that...."

#1.  Your sins may be wiped out" - (erased, forgiven)
**This does NOT eradicate sinful behavior, does correct your sinful standing!!
Contrast:  Positional & Practical Righteousness

#2.  Your relationship be set right (with God)
positional rightness? - Rom. 8:15-17 - Spirit of sonship

#3.  Blessings may ensue (follow0 (result)  Acts 3:26
 Example:  Mal. 4:5-6
NOTE:  "blessing" does NOT mean carefree/pain free/trouble free Life!!
               Blessing = His Presence and favor in spite of  and in the midst of
Example:  Paul's thorn in the flesh
There is no promise that blessings will be what you want!

#1.  Sinful behavior cannot result in blessing  (cannot achieve good by doing bad) - example:  Adam and Eve.
#2.  Short term experience may suggest otherwise, BUT results should be measured long-term.
Example:  there may be short term highs and exciting times, etc, but always going downward.
 #3.  (repeat) destruction or blessing is true both along the way life) and in the end. death)
From Moses:  Deut. 30:15, 19  - choose life that you and your children might live.


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