Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Points for Us from Peter's Sermon

Lead up:  Acts 1:1-9, 12, 13 - "I" = Luke - vs. 4 - important to today's text.
Three signs:  wind = audible, tongues of fire = visible, unknown languages = audible.  These three always recognized by the Jews as manifestation of God's presence.  That it happened here = validation of the messengers

Text:  Acts 2:1-24, 32-33, 36-41 - 10 days later - Pentecost = very Holy day - to celebrate giving of the Law, etc.  Note:  Acts 2:36-41 - apostles didn't have to give the invitation, the people did!


I.)  Acts 2:36 - God has made Jesus both Lord and Christ

ie:  A.  God conferred the titles of Lord and Christ on Jesus - (not the apostles, church, tradition)
     B.  God confirmed the message - Rom. 1:4

IF Peter is wrong?  then what?
BUT, IF Peter is right?! - then  #1 - Christ IS the way to God
                                                #2 - Christianity is the way to live! - the Bible - His instructions to us.

II.)  Acts. 2:36 - This promise is for you and your children. - not just for the apostles and first century people.
ie:  Promise of:  A)  forgiveness, reconciliation, salvation
and,                  B)  the Holy Spirit - "with you".....  Regardless of sensation(s)!!!
1 Kings 19:9-13 - illustration:  Elijah on Mt. Horeb - God spoke in a still, small voice!

III)  Acts. 2:38 - Repent and Be Baptized
Question:  what if haven't been "called"?  (Acts 2:39)
But if have been called....
      A)  Repent = turn and begin to walk the other way
      B)  be baptized = show - death, burial, resurrection - public declaration
     C) - in the name of Jesus Christ = identify with person of Jesus

(unbelievers scoff, ridicule .... believers REPENT!!)

IV.  Acts 2:40 - Save Yourself
On one hand, (obviously) can't procure, secure your own salvation
However, you CAN accept the salvation offered  (example:  life boat)
*Note:  (vs. 40) - "from  this _________ generation"
King James Version reads 'untoward' - ie:  not inclined to go the right way.
Who are you going to believe? follow? run with? buddy up to?
The influences are legion to lead us the wrong way.

Conclusion??   Acts 2:41 - "those who accepted were...."
       #1.  Baptized - (identified with Christ)
       #2.  Added to ..... (associated with a church....) = people of God.  Are NO Lone Ranger Christians.    

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