Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Peter - Denial & Restoration

Jesus' Arrest - all gospel accounts have pieces of this story not found in the others

John 18:1-11 - entered into Gethsemane (see last week)
Luke 22:51 - healed the servant
Matt. 26:53-54 - could call legions of angels.  Jesus not taken, gave Himself up
Matt. 26:55-56 - all disciples fled, deserted Him at this point
John 18:12-14 - Jesus bound and taken to High Priest

PETER'S DENIAL - recorded in all 4 gospels - (made big impression on other disciples - expected it to make a big impression on their readers)

FORETOLD by Jesus - John 13:36-38 - will disown me 3 times
                                      Matt. 26:31-35 - disciples ALL said would never deny You
                                      Luke 22:31-32 - Satan asked to sift "you all" as wheat - Jesus prayed for Peter          (singular)

FULFILLED - John 18:15-27
                        Luke 22:59-62
End of denial, BUT not the end of the story.  Just because Peter failed, Christ didn't put him out forever.

PETER'S RESTORATION - John 21:12-19 - (sometimes Christ was not recognized in His resurrected state)
Parallels?  - around fire/around people (witnesses)
                  addressed Peter as "Simon" (unstable, weak) - Luke 22:31
                  asked 3 times - denied 3 times
                  closes with "verily, verily"/"amen, amen" - John 13:38, 21:18

So - Peter was restored and re-commissioned, and continues as apostle, representative, spokesman until his death (according to tradition by crucifixion)


1)  Jesus knew Peter's mix (Peter and Simon) - partly rock, partly clay)

2)  Jesus loved him, called him, commissioned him ...... anyway!!!!

3)  When Peter failed, Jesus offered restoration.

4)  Peter had to decide/choose.  Is a stark contrast between Peter and Judas.

Question:   How are you any different than Peter???
 Answer:  We're NOT!!! - We're a mixture, there's good and bad in all of us! Strength and weakness, but all called/commissioned to something.

Order of Restoration
#1.  Repentance - "turn" - and this is MORE than tears - (example:  Judas)  Tears don't necessarily mean repentance.  Remorse is not evidence or repentance, TURNING is the evidence.

#2.  Confrontation - because this is MORE than a correction of behavior.  Restoration = renewing (re-establishing) a Relationship!!  ie:  face to face with the Lord - must mend the relationship

#3.  Forgiveness - a) granted - 1 John 1:9 - He WILL forgive if we truly ask.
                            b) received - (accepted, applied) - Phil 3:12-15 - go forward, not let those things hold you back.  This is a mature Christian response

#4.  Harness - "ie:  back to WORK!!! (with Him and for Him) - examples:  "feed my sheep", Elijah's post-Carmel commission)
He saved us for good works!

The steps/process = same for:  a) backslidden Christians  AND  b) Pre-Christians

Above steps = how to fix either situation!

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