Sunday, September 27, 2015

God on Trial

7 Stages of the Trial:

Order of the trial: - Jesus stands before:
1)  Annas - former high priest, although deposed, retained much of his influence, and probably exercised much of the power of the high priesthood along with Caiaphas.
2) Caiaphas - current high priest (Annas' son-in-law)
3) Sanhedrin - 70 leaders of the people of Israel - over anything to do with the laws - civil, ceremonial, moral
4)  Pilate - Roman governor over this area - his word is final - controls the military
5)  Herod Antipas - son of Herod the Great who tried to kill Jesus when a baby - local governor over Galilee
6) Pilate - Herod passing the buck
7)  The Jewish crowd

The account is in all 4 gospels.   Reason for the offense - from Jewish standpoint = blasphemy - Jesus claimed to be God.   From political standpoint - Jesus claimed to be a king - Jews - no king but Caesar.

However, these not the real offenses, the real reasons for the anger.

John 18:12-14
John 18:19-24
Matt. 26:57-67 - ref. Lev. 24:16 - "anyone who blasphemes the Name of the Lord must be put to death"
John 18:28-32
Luke 23:4-12
Mark 15:6-14
John 18:33-40
John 19:1-18, Matt. 27:19, John 19:8-16
Mark 15:15

IF the sceptics, detractors, are correct, then this is simply (another) unjust trial, conviction, execution.

BUT, IF orthodox Christianity is correct, then this = GOD ON TRIAL!!!  (IF= God on Trial) = the offense(s)???

Jesus was:  Intrusive - example Temple cleansing
                  Exclusive - John 14:6 - made many claims to this
                  Intolerant - "of SIN, (not sinners)
                  Authoritative - (compare to prophets) - almost always hated by the people
                  Confrontational - "woe to you scribes ad pharisees" - Judgment!!!!
                  Threatening - "adjust/correct ... or else!!"  (if you don't believe in Me, will die in your sins)

On one hand, if you accept His Lordship, the above list = right (His right)
However, if you reject His Lordship - above list = intolerable!!!
Therefore, must silence Him - ie:  eliminate, discredit, ignore


#1.  the trial, tension did NOT end at execution  -
examples:  resurrection --> Pentecost --> disciples/gospel --> Jewish persecution

Question:  why was Pilate (Rome) not angry at this time?
Answer:  Jesus had not yet confronted them!!!  later?? ---> Revelation - intense persecution and hatred of Christians by Rome

#2.  the trial, tension continues today - same things, the list of offenses stays the same.
Renewed with each generation, individual!!

#3  The list of offenses remains the same.
If you share Christ in this world, these things will make people angry at you.

#4.  The offense is not entirely removed at Salvation!!  We still struggle with some of these things:  BUT, He is LORD!!

The Question then, and the Question Now = IS HE LORD???  These things should set you apart!!!

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