Friday, June 5, 2015

Story of Woman Caught in Adultery

#1.  The text = John 7:53-8:11
This happened at the end of the week of the feast - (teachers of the law = modern day lawyers)
John 8:6 - they weren't concerned about any of this but trying to trap Jesus.  They weren't interested in keeping the law.

#2.  The problem with the text.  First appears in the 5th. century manuscripts (400's).  Most Bibles didn't include it until the 7th. century.  The church Fathers didn't note/comment on it until the 12th. century.  (also, late manuscripts had it at the end of Luke) - so...... added later???

So, why is it included?  Why is it still here? 
     A.  Once included people were hesitant to omit it.  ("take away")
     B.  It's a well-loved passage/story
     C.  Nothing in the text contradicts the Gospel message (nothing new/contrary to scripture/doctrinally disturbing.   
Adds to the message, doesn't detract from it. 

So, on one hand, it could be historically true.
But, it is almost certainly not part of the original text.

#3.  Options:  
      A.  accept the story; preach/teach from it as it is
      B.  avoid the text
      C.  Use the story ... in conjunction with other texts to parallel, illustrate, bolster up

Example:  Luke 7:36-50

Note #1:  there are only 2 lengthy sections of the New Testament questioned:  here and Mark 16:9-20

Note #2:  NO disputed texts anywhere in the New Testament that challenge/contradict/change the cardinal truths of Christianity - period!!!

Conclusion:  a)  Christians should be people of truth and not be afraid to see truth concerning scripture.
                   b)  Christians shouldn't be disturbed upset because of a couple questionable passages.  More than 98% of the New Testament text stands/ NO Basic doctrine challenged.

Now..... using either or both texts - some lessons/applications for us today. 

1)  Jesus came to save sinners (morally corrupt and consistently corrupt)
Luke 19:10   Luke 5:31-32

2)  No sin(s) can keep you lost  (unsaved)
None too big/bad/many .... NO sin is greater than Christ!!!!
1 Tim. 1:15 = gospel/Good news!!

3)  Forgiveness is full, complete, instant and free.  1 John 1:9

But, the other side of the coin is:
a)  Sin matters - (no small thing)  Sin is wicked and evil!!!
note:  past fall/current situation/ DIVINE sacrifice!!! - (salvation by works) - HIS works!!

POINT:  Jesus' easy acceptance of the sinner DOES NOT mean He is indifferent to the SIN!!!  - No free lunch.  Cost somebody something.

b)  Mercy has not eliminated condemnation - not for those in Christ - John 3:18
   John 3:16-19

A word, concept, doctrine CENTRAL to these texts = Reconciliation    (example:  bridge illustration)  Fact of the bridge doesn't put you on the other side of the bridge!

#1.  Initial reconciliation - Col. 1:21-22
Technically,  it is not your sin that condemns you.  It is your refusal of the cure.  Example:  disease, pill, response

#2.  Repeated reconciliation  - example:  marriage - need for repeated correction because we move, God doesn't move!!   Heb. 4:14-16

#3.   The Ministry of reconciliation - (responsibility of reconciliation)
2 Cor. 5:18-21  (as Christ did, so we should do)  *CP2G = what primary ministry of Octavia Baptist Church should be!

*Connect People to God

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