Monday, May 25, 2015

Promise, Controversy, and Answer

This follows Jesus' rebuke to followers wanting re-do of 'feeding of the 5000' miracle.

John 7:1-53 - Jesus' brothers did not believe He was Son of God, but DID believe the miracles.

I.  Another Promise - John 7:37-38

Jewish feast/water procession (huge part of the festival at the end of the 7 days) --> Jesus' declaration - John 7:7-8 (not time for me to reveal self),  John 7:21 - references healing of lame man at Bethsaida.

John's explanation:  John 7:39
Holy Spirit flowing FOR The believer for eternal life - compare:  John 4:13-14
Holy Spirit flowing FROM the believer to touch other lives - comp.  1 Pet. 4:10

Question:  Is it working??? - If it's not, then why do we see such a widespread growth of Christianity world-wide?
Example:  Christianity Growth Stats: 
YEAR                               Non-Christians to Christians
AD 100                                    360:1
AD 1000                                  220:1
AD 1500                                  69:1
AD 1900                                  27:1
AD 1992                                    2:1

We recognize not everyone who claims Christianity is born again, however, claims Christianity as religion of choice.

(Which leads to)
II.  Another Controversy  (dispute/division) - John 7:40-43
Question:  Jesus came to Unite??   or  Divide?? 
Answer:  BOTH!!
Extensive material in Galatians, Ephesians for examples

On one hand, THE family/bride/church/ - the dividing wall (Ephesians)  mother/Father (Galatians)
On the other hand, Matt. 10:34-36 - Jesus creates controversy and division
Why??? Because there are ONLY 2 ways - Matt. 7:13-14
to choose is to divide (separate) - It's Christ or the world.

(but also gives....)
III.  Another Answer (solution/means of deciding)
Already have --- miracles/prophets/teachings - to prove who Jesus is.
Now add.... John 7:17 - obedience ==> more knowledge
                                   - submission ==> more illumination
Light received increases light.  BUT, light rejected increases darkness

CLOSE:  John 7:53 - They didn't leave their decision(s) at the temple!!! 
Point being:  your decision(s) goes home with you!!!!  To work with you!!! To school with you!!!  You can't make a decision and then leave it at the church!!

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