Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lessons From the Lake

John 6:16-21

The miracle shows Jesus' authority over nature (creation) (natural law(s) )
Examples:  water into wine, healings, the feeding of the 5000, Walking on water!!

Another instance ... NOT recorded in John:  Mark 4:35-41 - different instance.  different time, preceded the feeding of the 5000.

BUT, this time, John 6:16-21 -  .... Jesus is NOT WITH THEM!!!!  They are in the storm, by themselves, Jesus is back on the shore.

For a fuller picture:  Matt. 14:22-24
                               Mark 6:47-48
                               Matt. 14:25-33 - 3 - 6 AM - 4th. watch
                               Mark 6:51-52

The Primary teaching??  truth?  = "Jesus is LORD" - Has the authority!!! - John 20:31

Are there any secondary truths - ie:  things taught and/or illustrated in the story that are relevant and useful for followers today?

Here are 3 divisions - Lessons from the Lake
1)  the disciples
2)  Jesus
3)  Peter

I.  The Disciples
Where are they in the storm/ in the dark, in a mess!!  (all in the same boat!)
Same as for us:  storms vary from scary to LIFE-THREATENING to sometimes LIFE-TAKNG!!

Why are they there because Jesus "sent them
Usually a "mess" = our own doing (foolish and/or sinful behavior)
Sometimes = GOD'S WILL - can be right in the middle of God's will for you and still end up in a storm.
There's lots of gospel taught these days that say if following Jesus, never will have these storms.  Not true!!

What are they doing "straining" (against the oars) - (about 6 - 9 hours worth)
against the wind
according to (last) instructions Jesus gave them.
Good example:  Jeremiah - preached 40 years against total opposition

When did this occur? - "immediately" after the feeding of the 5,000.
Often (not always) = a revelation leads to a test - to see if we got it.

II.  Jesus... what was he doing?
1)  Praying
2) Seeing - physical or "divine" sight?
3) Coming
4) Saving
Question:  Does He always pray, see, come, save?
Answer:  Yes... BUT ... "saving" may not meet OUR definition of saving.
Heb. 11:32-39
He has promised He would look after and save all those who believe in Him, but not always physically.  There are NO promises He will save us from sickness, cancer, hardship, death, etc.  Again, there are no promises of deliverance and saving from our storms the way we define deliverance and saving.

We use the examples listed here in John to show God's power and victory and control.  Not to say that "Peter walked on water, so if I have faith, I can, too."

III.  Peter:  on one hand he had faith enough to get out and walk.  However, not enough faith to continue walking.
Note:  1)  he got out!!! (that's way ahead of most of us)
          2)  he got permission first!!!!

There are 2 factors:
1)  Peter's faith - faulty but very REAL!! (can we expect more?)
2)  Jesus' faithfulness!! - which  NEVER falters!!!!   - John 10:27-30 - we are human beings - our faith is faulty, but when my faith falters, He is always faithful!!!

In  So............ how "in Him" are you????

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