Monday, April 27, 2015

In Search of Jesus

Deut. 18:15,18-19 - reason people expected that prophet to come.  No wonder they asked John if he was him.  Were sure that Jesus was him.
John 6:14-15
John 6:22-31 - day after feeding and walking on water - Vs. 29 - believe in Him (Jesus)
Ex. 16:4, 14-15, 31
John 6:32-69 - Vs. 33, Vs. 35 - I AM the 'spiritual' bread of life.  People had no problem with Jesus' miracles, had problem with Jesus' message.

In Search of Jesus - John 6:24
Question:  What happens when you find Him?

3 Groups:

1) the Jews - those people who denied Christ, denied His miracles, wanted nothing to do with Him -
John 6:41 - denied, explained away, took offense at Him

2)  The disciples - John 6:60 - they eagerly accepted Him and followed Him UNTIL it became inconvenient, uncomfortable, challenging - example:  "shallow soil" - Matt. 13:20-21

3)  The Twelve - ALSO confused, challenged.  They were as clueless as everyone else regarding: "eat my flesh and drink my blood" ....... but they STAYED!!  because of enormous amount of evidence backing who He was, who He said He was!

#1.  The drawing of the Father - John 6:44

#2.  the motive of the seeker - John 6:26 - compare Phil. 3:19 --  "King" to serve?  or serve them?

#3.  The decision to trust - in light of the evidence
                                      - in spite of the mystery

To be saved you need a ........ C A T - (content, assent, trust)

Heb. 4:1-2 - 1st. generation Israel
                    1st. generation Christians
                   21st. century seeker
           All need the same C A T -  must understand gospel message and who Jesus is, must agree with the gospel message and who Jesus is, then must trust Him - as Savior and Lord, ie:  who He is.

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