Monday, March 2, 2015

What Must I Do to Be Saved? (updated)

Last week - Jesus cleansing the temple.  After resurrection, disciples understood what He said.
Pharisees = very religious sect.  Sanhedrin = Jewish ruling council

John 2:23-25 - not just miracles but signs - purpose = to point to Christ as the Messiah - they believed Him, but He didn't believe them.
John 3:1-15 - Rabbi (teacher, Master) - title carried great respect. Miracles = typically a sign this was a messenger from God.   John 3:7 - you plural  John 3:13 - I came from heaven, I know what I am talking about.
Numbers 21:4-9 - the curse becomes the cure - God chose this method to heal.
John 3:16-21 - vs. 17 - Jesus did not condemn anyone - but came to save. Already stand condemned.

The 2 most often asked questions from this passage:

#1)  What must I do to be saved?  (Born Again)

#2)  How can I know that I am saved?  (Born Again)

Question #1)  What Must I Do To Be Saved?  - Not all faith is saving faith.
John 3:16 - "believes in Him" - not all belief is saving belief

Definition:  believe )noun=faith)
Example:  Reformers;  3 essential elements of SAVING faith:
#1.  Notitia - ie:  Content - must know something
Example:  will faith in Satan, self, wealth, works - save??
Doesn't mean need all the information, however, need some information - ie:  basic gospel - got to know are lost

#2)  Assensus - ie:  Assent  (intellectual agreement to the gospel)
can understand and not agree  (believe)

#3)  Fiducia - ie:  Trust  (confidence/reliance)
Contrast Satan/demons - they have #1 and #2 - BUT - James 2:19

Must have all three for Saving Faith!

Difference is not innocence, guilt, amount of guilt.....
It is response to Light!!

John 3:16 is central to Christian faith..

Question #2:  How can I know that I am saved?
Experience?  feelings?  initially?  thereafter?

The 4-H test - (Gailon Kemp)

#1.  Head test = examine your decision
DID you accept?  profess?  Is the Bible true?  Is God trustworthy?
(this = best test)

#2.  Heart test = Examine your affections
Do you have a love for God?  Christ?  Things of God?  truth? justice?  righteousness? Kingdom work? CHURCH??

#3.  Hands test = Examine your actions - 1 John 2:3
Doesn't mean never sin or fall short, BUT, do you make an attempt?  have the desire?

#4)  Health test = Examine your growth (development) (continuity)  Are you further along in your Christian walk than when you began, or are you stagnant, or going backwards?

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