Sunday, March 22, 2015

Healing on the Sabbath

John 5:1-30 - cripple - 38 years - lifelong, permanent condition

John 5:18 - very important - Jesus heals on a Sabbath!!
BUT, when confronted (by the Jews) He goes beyond "Lord of the Sabbath"

He openly claims:
#1)  full KNOWLEDGE of God's works and will - John 5:19-20 - far beyond prophets

#2.)  the ABILITY to grant life - John 5:26 - eternal life - born again experience
(Both Spiritual life and Resurrection life)

#3.)  the AUTHORITY to judge - John 5:22  (and that means you)

These = the prerogative of God alone.  Never granted to a prophet!!  (His area, ability, authority)
Therefore:  John 5:18 - "making himself equal with God".
ie:  a claim to DEITY!!!

To the Jews.... this = blasphemy!!!
There's only ONE true God - therefore Jesus' claim meant  A) to be God!  or B) to be Another God!

To the Deist = absurdity  (a man can't be God)
Deist probably calls himself a believer -- maybe even Christian!!

Deist will:  1)  Claim belief in God ( the 1 God)
                 2)  concede Jesus' existence
                 3)  Concede Jesus' goodness
BUT -       4) deny His (Jesus') Deity.

So, on one hand Jesus = good man (great man), BUT He is not God, is Not Deity!!

So, if you deny His Deity, then you can also deny His.... Knowledge - of God
                                                                                    Ability - to grant life
                                                                                    Authority - to judge all

AND, though compelled to Admire, Appreciate, Imitate Him, NOT compelled to submit, obey
(therefore, can "cut and paste" His Word(s)

BUT, if He's NOT Deity, then His is NOT Lord.

Answer to that = Quote by C. S. Lewis - "He hasn't left us that option".

Considering His claims, He is either      LIAR    LUNATIC    LORD

Take your pick:  there are no other options.  He either lied about all this and He knew it.  Or, He was just crazy thinking He was God, OR He is Who He said He Is - LORD!

So........ the challenge - John 5:24 (a) - hears Word and believes
             the promise - John 5:24 (b) - whoever believes has eternal life

Ending:  Not WHAT are you going to believe?
WHO are you going to believe?  - Christ?  John?  Apostles?  His works?

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