Monday, January 19, 2015

Introduction to the Study on the Book of John

John the Apostle - Son of Zebedee & Salome
Zebedee = prosperous fisherman - Mark 1:19-20 - had "hired hands"
Salome = follower of Jesus - Mark 15:40-41 - was there at the cross
               maybe a sister of Mary - John 1:25
               zealous for her sons and their positions in the Kingdom - Matt. 20:20-21

There were two sons - James and John - often mentioned together. 
Jesus nicknames them "sons of thunder" - Mark 3:16-17

John = follower of John the Baptist before became a follower of Jesus, therefore already a seeker and believer in Messiah

The Gospels portray Peter as the leader of the disciples, and suggest that James and John = next 2 influential disciples - behind Peter.

So, John => chosen as 1 of the "12" - apostles
and - becomes part of Jesus' "inner circle" - these three were very close to Jesus and He had a particular intimacy with them.
Matt. 17:1, 26:36-37

After the Resurrection John became a leader in the church at Jerusalem.

Late in life = exiled to Patmos (by the Roman leader Domitian?) because of his illegal preaching and teaching that Christ was the Messiah.
There he recorded "The Revelation" - Rev. 1:9-11

Also authored I, II, III John - where he again declares himself eye witness of all the happenings.  1 John 1:1

John is believed to be the only Apostle who died a natural death approximately 98 AD - approximately 95 years old)

Several "key words' in John - (keep coming up over and over again)
Light - 24 times    Life - 50 times     truth - 52 times

John's favorite?  "believe" - John 3:16 - stands out
In the verb form means to be persuaded, convinced.  But, = more than intelligent assent - means cling to, trust in, rely on.  Wholistic belief= head, heart, hands

Used in Matthew - 10 times.   Mark - 10 times      Luke - 9 times.   John - 99 times.
In a concordance search of the Bible for Believe, believed, believes, - 1/3 of all usage is in John!!

John's message == belief (wholistic - head, heart, hands) is essential to being a follower of Christ.
John 3:36  John 8:24

AGAIN,  this is MORE than intelligent assent.  It = trusting Him
Illustration:  John 11:23-26
Note Question - Vs. 26 - "do you believe this?"
Answer:  Vs. 27 - (paraphrase) - "Yes!  I believe this because I believe You!!  (in You)

John's purpose in writing this?? - John 20:24-31

Our purpose in this study?
1)  convince/persuade this un-believer.
2)  strengthen, encourage the believer.  

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