Monday, January 26, 2015

Foundational Truths of John

John 1:1 = memorable beginning/opening lines

However, John's prologue (1st. 5 verses) is more that memorable/catchy/poetic.  It = fundamental truths that under gird his gospel.

On one hand, we are interested in the practical, applicable, personal (and we should be)
However, if there is no foundation beneath???  What do we have??

JOHN'S FOUNDATION TRUTHS - (prologue) - John 1:1-5

I.  THE WORD IS GOD - (Vs. 1) - John uses "was" but He is "I AM"
The Word (logos):  A.)  to the Hebrews = spoken word/communication - (example - Old Testament prophets spoke words of the LORD)

B)  to the Greeks = THE Principle that governs, unifies, explains origin, function of universe

for John?  = Jesus fits Both.  PLUS --> John 1:14 - Word became flesh and dwelt among us.
Don't have this teaching anywhere except Christianity.

II.  IN HIM IS LIFE - (John 1:4) - source of physical life
A.  in usual sense - man, animal, biological, physical
B.  Absolute sense - ie:  life as GOD has it!!! - totally different from physical life = eternal, everlasting

Vs. 4 means more than life through Him.  Means Life Resides IN Him.
He = origin, source, keeper, protector of ALL life  (physical and spiritual)

Message = we lost that life at the Fall.
We (can) regain it - in Christ (the Word)

ie:  our illumination, our ability to see (know)

As with life = both physical and spiritual, so with LIGHT = both physical and spiritual (that's what illuminates us),
ALL comes from Him - (Rev. 21 & 22)

John's emphasis = Spiritual light - He is only source

SO, John's "foundation' - the WORD is GOD, LIFE, LIGHT --- BUT = Problem!!! - John 1:5
Could be:  A)  didn't comprehend?
                 B)  couldn't overcome?
Combination = APPROPRIATE - accept, receive, embrace
Darkness against the light.  Darkness has not "appropriated" the light - embraced, used, received

Summary application of Prologue = John 1:10-13

So:  1)  Have a solid foundation - laid on which to build our faith, etc.
       2)  will now receive much additional information:  events, miracles, teachings, commentaries, observations, opinions, responses

BUT in the end we come back to beginning - ie:  you must decide - you must choose!!

for non-believer, choice = simple/obvious, one time

For believer (like disciples, like Thomas) after initial decision, must decide and must choose - again and again.
This gospel gives encouragement, instruction, strength.

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