Tuesday, November 11, 2014

God Is ... Sovereign, Good, Active

Has God revealed Himself to us?
Yes:  General Revelation (nature, reason, design, etc.)  AND
Special Revelation (specific truths, written down = Bible) AND
His Son - John 1:18 - He unveiled (exogited) things about God

What can we Know about God (through Specific Revelation)???
Answer = A LOT  (a lifetime of study) - inexhaustible - new understanding, new enlightenment

3 Things about God that are:
1)  clear (in Scripture) - declared over and over again
2)  relevant (to us)


I.  Sovereign - HE is the final Supreme Power and Authority.  THE Ruler of all that is.
ie:  things, circumstances, situations, beings -- material and immaterial.

Illustration:  Jer. 32:24-27

His Sovereignty is:  A)  Absolute - in control of EVERYTHING - if a single atom is beyond His control, He is NOT Sovereign.
                              B)  Eternal - ie:  Both ways!!!  Always has been , always will be.  Rev. 22:13
Therefore:              C)  Current - in control NOW!!!  He did not create and then lose control, as in the case of Frankenstein.

II.  Good  Psalm 106:1, 107:1 - hundreds of references regarding the goodness of God.
= good news!!!  Because if He was Sovereign and not good, what then?????
But note:  He is NOT good as WE are good - human, limited

HIS goodness = Righteous - always does what is right
Deut. 32:3-4

III.  Active - (involved)  Did not create and withdraw
His activity is:  A)  Ongoing - John 5:16-17, Col. 1:15-17
                       B)  Comprehensive - Matt. 10:29 - doesn't happen without His knowledge and permission
                       C)  Personal - Matt. 10:30-31

His is:  Omnipotent (all powerful)   Omniscient (all knowing)  Omnipresent ( everywhere)  Jer. 23:23-24

So... He sees, knows, cares, interacts - Matt. 6:9 - "Father" - wants relationship

Conclusion:  this is good news!!!
ie:  God is Sovereign, Good, Active, Personal

This is 'the God' who "woos" you!!   Who invites you to accept, believe, trust, follow - 1 Pet. 5:6-7

So:  #1 - have you trusted?  (initially? w/yourself/, with your soul?) - cast all your anxiety on Him? 
have you verbally declared it? - Rom. 10:10

#2.  do you need to re-trust Him? - not for salvation, not re-saved, but re-dedicate

#3.  Do you need to trust Him further?  fuller?
typically encounter more things to trust Him with as we age. 

Psalm 34:8 - "taste and see"  "blessed is he"

There are blessings found in trusting Him that are not found anywhere else.

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