Monday, May 19, 2014

Family Series - Marriage

Design, Purpose, Function

Christians believe: 
#1.  in the Bible we find God's guidelines for marriage and family
#2.  When followed, practiced - marriage and family "work" better

Underlying this idea are some basic Biblical doctrines/teachings:
1)  Creation - we are not a cosmic accident, but intentional creation.  God not only created us, but designed us!!

2)  Design - we are:  intricantly, specifically, intentionally planned and formed and put together
for a:

3)  Purpose - for a reason:  to best achieve and accomplish

4)  Function - we are to operate accordingly - if we wish to achieve maximum performance and benefits..

We believe this to be true of  1)  His people   and 2) His institutions (organizations)
examples:  A.  the church   B.  marriage/family

Remember, believing God's Word about these things puts us in the minority.

BUT, how to KNOW His design?  purpose?  function?

(Answer = another basic doctrine) - Revelation:  general and specific
He has chosen to make many things known to us about Himself, His creation.  Not all things, but many things.

So, based on these doctrines,
Marriage - it's design, function, purpose

Gen. 1:20-25   Gen. 2:20-24

What is Marriage designed to do? 
#1.  Provide companionship - Gen. 2:18 "alone"- yet, more than friends!

#2.  Establish a partnership (pair up against life) - Gen. 2:18  "helpmeet" - you are created in image of God - not one of the animals. Gen. 1:26-28 - "rule and subdue"
             Gen. 2:15 - "dress and keep garden"
#3.  Provide courtship, romance - Gen. 2:23 = excitement
Song of Solomon 1:1-2, 7:10
Compare Eph. 5:25  Rev. 19:7, 21:2
This is more than friendship, companionship.  = exclusive love relationship.
Found in analogy between Christ and His church - He loves the church pursuantly, extravagantly

#4.  Complement one another ( a man and a woman) - supplement, complete one another
Doesn't mean that you are incomplete without a spouse.
It does mean that the union (institution, organization, alliance, association, firm) IS incomplete without Male and Female - has to have both to complete and to work

We are created/designed - 1) different from one another
                                         2) beneficial to one another
                                         3) dependent on one another (marriage doesn't work, can't work with one!)
Cannot have a complete marriage, complete union without man & woman.

#5.  Couple (a man & woman) ie:
     A.) to pair up - two people in exclusive relationship
     B.) couple up/MATE - sexual intimacy .... for:
               sexual needs - 1 Cor. 7                sexual enjoyment - Song of Solomon

These are things that marriage is designed to do.  However, marriage doesn't assure you of all of these.  Won't happen unless two people make it work!!

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