Monday, May 12, 2014

Family Series - 25th. Year

Began with "Butterflies & Buffaloes" in 1989. 

Why continue with this series? 

#1.  Family is important - to God and His Kingdom, to society, to US.  According to polls taken in Money Magazine regarding the American Dream, 2 questions raised:

"Rate the most important elements of the American Dream."
#1 answer = "having a happy home life" - 97.8%
If you miss that, you have missed the Dream.

"What is the greatest obstacle to achieving the American Dream?
#1 answer - "catastrophic illness in the family

(typical of many polls)

So, why continue with the family series?
#1.  Family is important 

#2.  Instruction is needed - clearly, the desire for something is no assurance that it will happen.
Example:  stats/polls show a breakdown of marriage/family.   (ex.= divorce in USA is at "highest level of marital failure in the History of mankind - of any culture, any period of time.

#3.  We need to be reminded.  --> we are human - we forget what we learned.

So, we begin the 25th. year, because it is not enough to desire/want this, need additional things.

Prov. 14:1 - "builds" - implies Work - doesn't just happen because you want it. 
Need knowledge, application, discipline, reminding - 2 Tim. 3:16-17 - God's Word is useful for every day.
Not just for Sunday morning, Sunday School, etc.

2 Pet. 1:12

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