Monday, February 17, 2014

The Rich Fool

Luke 12:13-21 - Jesus could have made a judgment call, but chose not to!

I.  the incident that prompted the Parable - Luke 12:13-14

II.  the setting in which the incident occurred - Luke 12:1-5, 8-11, 13 - enormous crowds

And so,
III.  The Parable / the Story (fictitious but lifelike)

Question:  What do we Know about this man  (in the parable)

#1.  He was rich - (vs. 16) - even before the bumper crop he was wealthy!!

#2.  He was a fool - (vs. 20) - by God's declaration.

Question:  Was he .... wicked?  mean?  a bad neighbor?  and oppressive master?  did he cheat workmen?  exploit the poor?  gain wealth by dishonest means?
These questions are not addressed, although some people make assumptions as to these.

Answer:  don't know - but called a "Fool" because he was "not rich toward God"

Question:  was he wrong to gain?  manage?  plan?  save?

Answer:  No - was wrong to allow gaining of wealth, managing his wealth, planning, saving, etc. to distract him from MORE IMPORTANT ISSUES!!

So there are 3 simple lessons/applications that are
A)  clear in this text
B)  FOR US!!

#1.  Watch out:  Be on Guard:.  - Cry out - grave danger here.  (Vs. 15)  KJV - 'covetousness'
Against  A)  Greed - (Literally - "a thirst for having more") - akin to drinking salt water to satisfy thirst.  Only leaves you thirsty for more.
             B)  All kinds of greed

Are lots of different kinds of greed:  = want more, never enough, fears losing it, doesn't want others to have it, wants what you have (truest form of covetousness), dreams of having, actively pursues it.  Point = "many kinds"

Therefore, are "many kinds" but this in common - Col. 3:5 - your god whom you serve!!!   (can't serve 2 gods)
Phil. 3:18-19 - "stomach' = belly in KJV, appetites

So, watch out, be on guard, and understand this:
#2.  Life is not measured by stuff (v. 15)

Question:  If use "stuff" to measure life's richness, fullness, effect, success, significance, impact, value, worth, then EXAMPLE:  what about Mother Teresa?  

Question:  Why direct this warning at US??  - because, we all tend to be driven by this.

#3.  "this is how it will be with ANYONE who is not rich toward God" - (vs. 21)  Note emphasis:  ANYONE. - any age, any sex, any economic status, .....

Parable is over, lesson continues!!  Luke 12:22-23, 29-31
This is not against having riches, property, talents, etc.  It's about building up here and not toward God.

1)  This is more than preparation for death --- = preparation for eternity!!   Death is a momentary thing, eternity is forever!
2)  We're to use our blessings, gifts, opportunities that God gives us -- WISELY.

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