Monday, February 10, 2014

The Parables of Jesus

Matt. 13:1-3, 24, 31, 33

Definition:  a short, simple story with a point, lesson, teaching, truth
Usually fictitious but lifelike - contrast with fables which tend to use animals, etc.
The fictitious nevertheless presents REAL truths.

Observation:  Jesus used Parables a lot!!  Matt. 13:34-35
(30 - 46 by count / roughly 1/3 of His recorded teachings)

Contrast parables of a wise man - (Rabbi, Sage, teacher, etc.) - used to teach a truth of some kind.

However, Parables of Jesus -
I.  Divine Revelation - John 7:16, 8:26-28
Point = Jesus parables were more than stories.  He spoke with authority = word(s) of God.

II.  Divine Instruction - information regarding how ought to live, act, respond
Some Parables = spiritual truth, life, information
others challenge behavior and = instruction  - Luke 18:1, 9

Because they = Divine Revelation and Divine Instructions, therefore impose upon the hearer ---

III.  Personal Obligation (wise men and sages' parables didn't have this authority)
Example:  Parable of the Good Samaritan - Luke 10:36-37 ("go and do likewise")
This is not a suggestion.  It = command/charge and therefore duty/obligation.

Jesus has absolute authority to say this is how you should live.  Will answer if do not apply.

Jesus used Parables to help us see truth (grasp, understand)
The word, parable from two Greek words - para - come along side
                                                                 - ballo - throw, cast, thrust
Therefore, parable = cast alongside the truth

But, on the other hand, Jesus also used parables to obscure truth!!!  (conceal, veil, hide, cloud)
Example:  Matt. 13:10-15  - they don't want to hear, understand, etc.
Parable is designed that person seeking truth will see truth, and the person who doesn't want to see the truth won't see it!

God desires all men come to Him?   1 Tim. 2:3-4
Could He not reveal Himself more clearly?  fully?  to this end?
Why doesn't He??

Answer:  He obscures truth about Himself -
A.  To weed out seekers - Deut. 4:29, Luke 11:9-10, Acts 17:27
B.  to honor free will (we have the right to choose) - John 8:42-44, 47, 12:37
C.  to reveal Himself to those who will to see, know and to follow!!! - Rom. 1:21, 28
BUT for others????   2 Thess. 2:9-12

Summary verse:  John 3:19

Application:  Matt. 13:9

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