Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Why I Believe What I Believe About Same Sex Marriage

On June 26, 2013 the US Supreme Court struck down Section 3 of the DOMA (which had been) passed by congress and signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1996.  (17 years earlier).

Now any couple (including same sex couples) legally married (in any of 12 states) can claim spousal federal benefits.

IF this is sanctioned by Federal law and the high courts, how long before the other 38 states are forced to follow suit?

2 Questions:
1)  How do you feel about that?  (your response/opinion)
2)  Why do you feel that way?  (hold that opinion?)

Many are pleased with the decision.   I want to know: 
What you believe about S.S.M.?  (court's decision),
Why you believe that ... where are you coming from that would bring you to that conclusion?

1 Pet. 3:15 beginning with "always"

As an evangelical Christian, we need to state
1)  what we believe about S.S.M.
and 2) why we believe that ... where we come from, how we arrive at this point.

So, today is not what I believe about S.S.M., but why I believe,/why I hold this opinion, how I arrive at this conclusion.

So.... why I believe what I believe about Same Sex Marriage -- (or many other social/ethical issues of the day)

#1.  Is there a God?  ie:  Supreme Being, 1st Cause, Creator... Omni___________?
IF, your answer is "No" then (ultimately) you prob. have no problem with SSM.
Our answer is:  Gen. 1:1

#2.  Is He personal?
ie:  personally interested in affairs of man, personally involved in affairs of man.
We compare to David:  Psm. 139:13-18  Matt. 10:29-31 - I Know you!!

#3.  Has He revealed Himself?  the need?  He is TRANSCENDENT - infinitely beyond us.  Therefore, you could never, ever figure Him out.
A)  general revelation - Psm. 19:1-2 - Rom. 1:20
B)  Specific (special) revelation?  - He has revealed Himself through - instances, events, angels, patriarchs, prophets, ... Heb. 1:1  AND thru His Son - Heb. 1:2  John 1:18
And, then through the Apostles ... who recorded this (Bible)

#4.  Is the Revelation trustworthy?  - 2 Issues

A)  Transmission - example - New Testament - settled by textual criticism
B)  (original) reception

Short form:  Jesus put His stamp of approval on....
1.  Old Testament writings - "it is written", "Isaiah was right", Matt. 5:18
2.  New Testament writers - Luke 6:12-13   Acts 1:8
If you won't accept what Jesus approved, you are refuting Jesus.
To reject the Revelation - to refute Jesus!!!

So, 2 Pet. 1:20-21 - view of Peter - view of Christ.

#5.  Does the Revelation contain His will for us?  (a plan for man?)
Answer:  Yes - Eph. 4:1 - Ephesians is 1/2 theological basis (chap. 1-3, and 1/2 practical behavior. Chap. 4-6)
We believe the Revelation IS...
Universal - for all men
Final - not evolving/changing with time
Authoritative - because it is from God!!
Sufficient (not all issues but = enough for a life of Godliness!! - 2 Pet. 1:3)

Question:  Is it obligatory?
Answer:  No - don't have to obey
But... Yes - it is consequential - here and now and in eternity
Compare gravity - don't have to obey law of gravity, but there will be consequences if jump off ten story building.
Gal. 6:7

Given the above stance... 2 more relevant questions:
#6.  How then should I live?  personal choices/lifestyle

#7.  How then should I treat others? - act, answer, respond?
Especially - those with a different stance, viewpoint

This is more than same sex marriage (and why I stand here....)
This = all moral/ethical/religious/social/political issues

Closing:  Above = objective basis for decisions, viewpoint, lifestyle, etc.
Does not address your personal/subjective encounters with God which are also necessary to a personal relationship with Him.

So - Have you been ... convicted?  Called?  Drawn? 
       Have you ... responded?  received?  obeyed?

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