Monday, July 1, 2013

Concerning the Future of the USA

Wed. June 26th. the Supreme Ct. struck down that part of the Defense of Marriage Act which defines marriage as between 1 man and 1 woman.

On one hand:  no surprise
On the other hand:  very disturbing - our nation is slipping from its Christian roots and Biblical moorings.

An informal survey asked:  "concerning the future of the USA ...,
Are you 1) an optimist?                     His findings:    25%
             2) a pessimist?                                           35%
             3) a dooms-day cataclysmist? -                  40%
So, 75% of American adults are pessimistic about the future of our nation.
(because of moral decline, economic woes (national debt), corrupt politics, military conflicts, terrorism, consumerism, domestic violence, breakdown of homes and marriages)

Whatever the reason(s) .. a decided majority are Pessimistic about our nation's future.

NOTE:  it was exactly the reverse 100 years ago!!!!
Beginning of the 20th. century, Americans we highly Optimistic!!

Question:  What happened??? - WW1, Great Depression, WW11 (Korean War, Cold War, Vietnam...)

The 20th. Century saw incredible progress/good technology, medicine, public education, political freedoms, financial growth, civil rights, social improvements, etc.
(who wants to go back to the conditions of 1899@@)

However, we've failed to establish a Utopian society!!!
Still have - human nature, failings, military conflicts, economic recessions, political corruption, terrorism ON OUR Soil, prisons full, schools unsafe, apathy, indifference, illness, death ..... all with us (and apparently)
all here to stay!!

As Christians, where should we stand??  - regarding our nation itself.
Optimist??  Pessimist??  Dooms-day Cataclysmist??
Answer:  I don't know.

BUT... here are some things for us to keep in mind.

#1. God is still in control.  (on His throne)
If He ever was God, He still is!!!!
              God is greater than ________.  (fill in the blank)

#2.  God's Kingdom will endure and will triumph
Matt. 16:18   Rev. 20:7-10
We are bad to measure the outcome of God's Kingdom by what's going on in the US.  We are not that powerful. 

#3.  If you're on His side, you'll be OK.
Rom 8:31-35, 37-37

The text does not meat that if you're a Christian, your life will be rosy, carefree, trouble-free.
It means if you're a Christian, you are in the hands of the Sovereign God, and, therefore will be
ultimately and finally saved and safe.  John 10:27-29

NOTE:  This promise is NOT for all who claim belief in God.  But, for those are "In Christ". - have received, accepted Him as Lord & Master.

Meanwhile, we live 'in-between'. 
Between 1)  the 1st Coming - when Jesus manifest Himself as Christ (Messiah) (by resurrecting..) to believers.
And        2)  2nd. coming - when Jesus will manifest Himself as LORD - clearly ... to ALL!!!

So.... some additional observations..

1)  The Holy Spirit is still at work. - drawing, saving, transforming (both individuals and nations)

2)  Christianity is still growing, spreading - worldwide - AD 100 - 360 non-Christians to 1 Christian.
AD 2000 - 3 non-Christians to 1 Christian.

3)  (= opinion - stated with reservation ... But... in spite of all appearances, it seems..
3)  Americans have not (yet) abandoned God.
         A)  Religious choice - 80% claim Christianity
         B  Religious expression - 62% remain "churched"
(definition of "churched" - a) make a denomination claim and b) attend services at least occasionally)

1776 = 17%
1860 = 37%
1906 = 51%
1952 = 59%
1980 = 62%
2000 = 62%

4) = opinion again - I believe..
4) God has not (yet) abandoned America 
If so ... A) there is still hope and B) we help determine the future - Jer. 18:7-10

Your Part?  (simple, general application)

#1.  Accept Christ - America needs God followers (not God claimers) - nothing greater can be done for the nation.
#2.  Live the Christian life - Matt. 5:13-16 - it's easy to make a declaration.

#3.  Pray for our nation - 1 Tim. 2:1-4

#4.  Stay the course - 2 Tim. 4:3-5 - Stand firm, be faithful

#5.  Trust God with the outcome. - if doing your part, what happens is not your fault.

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