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The Promised Holy Spirit

Death -->Resurrection-->40 days-->Ascension-->???

Pentecost - festival of harvest, feast of weeks --> 50 days.
Celebrated by many Jews as the anniversary of the coming of the Law

Pentecost was a Pilgrim festival - one of three - where Jewish males in particular are encouraged to come to Jeruselem - at least once in a while.

Acts 2:1-24, 32-33, 36-41

Question:  What is this? - leads to question in Acts 2:12 with the answer in Acts 2:16-17 - Promised Holy Spirit

This is The Coming of the Promised Holy Spirit
2 parts:  I.  The Promise and 2.  the Person

I.  The Promise of the Holy Spirit
On one hand, A)  hints in the Old Testament (Joel) - Ezek. 36:26-27, 39:29
BUT, B) clear teachings from Christ in the New Testament - John 14:16-18, Luke 24:49, Acts 1:8

NOTE:  This doesn't mean that there was NO Holy Spirit activity or indwelling in the Old Testament.
But, Now the Holy Spirit is with us in a New, Powerful, Personal way.

II.  The Person of the Holy Spirit - who, what is this Holy Spirit??
A)  the 3rd. Person of the Trinity
B)  the primary manifestation (appearance, evidence) of God among us today!
John 16:5-7   John 14:16-19  - maybe not better for the 12, but better for mankind as a whole - every believer @ every time, everywhere.

So.... The Holy Spirit came upon them - AS promised... with great Power.  Clearly validating Christ as the Son of God, His message, His messengers!!

This = the Spectacular Side of Pentecost    --  Acts 2.  BUT NOTE:  The Promise is also for us!!  For you and me - Acts 2:37-39

Although we are not given a promise of the Spectacular, we are promised:  The Person, The Presence, the (potential) Power of God's Holy Spirit

(switch from then to you..)
When you receive Christ as Savior and Lord, His Holy Spirit comes:
1)  to dwell within you - 1 Cor. 6:19
2)  to achieve/accomplish/perform God's work - ON you, IN you, FOR you, THRU you

Objection!!!!  I've never experienced anything like Pentecost!!
Answer:  Few have, Few do.

The Spectacular Manifectation was (is)
#1.  for verification - (of Christ, His message, His messengers)
#2.  AS God directs/chooses!!!  We don't decide what gift we will have or use.
It is HIS place to manifest Himself.  OUR place to be available and usable!!

So....No experience for me??!!
Scripture wording is often more than intelligent response.  Often = emotions, feelings, sensations, desires, experiences, promptings, etc.
words - "teach, guide, lead you" = personal
Prohibitions, warnings = "don't quench, grieve, offend, insult..."

NOTE:  Phil. 2:1 - "fellowship with the Spirit" is more than an intelligent response, but is personal, inter-personal, interactive

So..... 1)  Be Aware that the purpose of Pentecost was to make people aware of Coming Holy Spirit
2 Tim. 2:15

2)  Be Open - to His leadership, direction, Promptings
     A)  Initially (to salvation)
     B)  As a Believer (growth, development)
     C)  As a minister - that He might teach others through you.

3)  Be Careful - not to stifle, not to mis-interpret, mis-represent

4)  Be Available

5)  Be Satisfied - with how He uses you, manifests Himself provided you've given yourself totally to Him.

Example:  Jeremiah - 40 years - no converts

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