Sunday, April 7, 2013

After the Resurrection

The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ - most important event in history.  (Therefore, widely celebrated)

Next on calendar - Ascension - 40 days after the resurrection.

Question:  the 40 days from resurrection to ascension - anything on consequence??

Answer:  were the last days with the disciples - bodily.  Therefore, very important.
Obviously - to them.  Therefore, to us.  The resurrection changed things and the disciples immensely.

So... we're going to look at the 40 days to find any application to US.  They were not just important to the disciples.  Acts 1:1-11   The book of Luke - what Jesus began to do.  Book of Acts - what He continues to do.

After the Resurrection - and it's relevance today.

#1.  Jesus appeared to His disciples.   1 Cor. 15:3-8  Acts 2:32 - so the disciples became "witnesses".  Have seen Jesus visibly and bodily on many occasions.  Paul also met the risen Christ visibly and bodily.

Question:  Does the resurrected Christ have any witnesses today?
Eyewitness - NO.   Heart witness - Yes - personal testimony.  We are the witnesses that are alive today.

#2.  Jesus continued to teach the disciples. - His teaching did not end at the resurrection.
Example:  Sunday afternoon - Luke 24:25-27    Sunday evening - Luke 24:44-45

And, He still teaches:  the promise of the Holy Spirit - John 14:25-26, 16:12-13
This not only for the disciples - still opens minds today.  So... 1 Cor. 2:9-12

To be a follower of Christ (disciple) is more than just a student of the Word.
Also, must be a student of the LIVING Word and open to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.
Can't be a follower on academics alone.

#3.  Jesus re-stated His authority. 
Claims before the Resurrection - John 5:22   Mark 2:5
But, after the Resurrection, His words bear much more weight.   Matt. 28:18

Important that His authority was recognized, because

#4.   Jesus commissioned His disciples.  Matt. 28:18-20  Acts 1:8

Definition:  Commission = a.  a charge/command - "go"
                                    = b.  with authority behind it - "all authority"
                             and = c.  which carries authority with it. - "baptizing in MY Name!!"

AND, the commission still stands.   When go, go in His name.

#5.  Jesus promised His continued presence.
Matt. 28:20 - means more than with you in presence only.  Means with you in assistance and support 
Old Testament examples:  "go AND..."  Compare Col. 1:29  Phil. 2:12-13

#6.  Jesus ascended into heaven.  (visibly and bodily)

#7.  He left with the assurance of His return.
Acts 1:6-11

All this is confirmation of His presence and His presence with us.
Also, confirmation of our duty.
Also, confirmation of our hope.

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