Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Monarchy

Gen. 12:1-7 - beginning of the Jewish race, Hebrew history.
Followed the Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob) ---> Egypt ---> Exodus ---> 40 yrs. wanderings ---> conquest ---> judges.  This period from Abraham to Judges = about 1000 years.

Now - a new era - The Kings/The Monarchy - 1 Sam. 8:1-22 - Vs. 7 very important - people rejected God as their king.
Begins with Samuel - last judge and 1st. prophet of this era.

Did God have objection to the monarchy? or objection to peoples' hearts?  Gen. 17:5-6   Deut. 17:14-20
Lord had no objection to kingship, but to the people's hearts rejecting Him.

Result of the monarchy???
Saul??  - good start - poor ending  (42 years) - reign was so-so.
David?? - established Jerusalem, expanded the Kingdom!!  (40 years).  Mostly his kingship was pretty good.  He brought the kingdom up in a great way.   Personal life not so much
Solomon?  temple builder, Kingdom builder!!! (40 years)
Israel comes to pinnacle under Solomon.  But, it was built on the backs of his people.

BUT..... 1 Kings 11:1-13 - then during Solomon's latter days, the kingdom starts unraveling.

So.... Jeroboam (in charge of conscripted labor.  Became king of northern tribes) ---> Ahijah ---> death of Solomon ---> Israel divided

Next???  1 Kings 12:26-30

A:  So... Israel (10 tribes) = 20 kings/200 years ---> 722 BC - totally destroyed by Assyria

B.  Judah = 20 kings/350 years ---> 586 BC - totally destroyed by Babylon

Summary:  after Solomon ... there were 40 kings over 350 years, of which 11 followed after the Lord, of which 7 forgot Him at the end of their reign!!  There were only 4 Godly kings over 2 nations in 350 years.

This covers a very long period (1500 years from Abraham's promise to the end of Kings) and has many lessons.

#1.  Man is a terrible substitute for God - Mankind will always be a terrible substitute for God.
1 Sam. 8:19 "...we want a king over us." - any man, group of men, establishment, government, etc.

On one hand governments,authorities are ordained of God   (Rom. 13)
But, Any government is a poor substitute for God

God's intent for the monarchy? = a Theocracy where He rules through man (the king/leader)
(That's why when a king was crowned there was both a coronation and an anointing.)

So.... God's intent for any leader = Servant... OF God ... for  the people.  It didn't work out that way because man is so prone to sin.

#2.  The Monarchy is not over.  On one hand it ended with the exile (Gen 49:10) --> Rev. 5:5 ---> Rev. 19:11-16 - but on the other hand, it is still to come - yet to unfold.

#3.  (meanwhile) You choose your King.
You may not choose your earthly king, president, governor, county commissioner, etc.
But, do get to choose your Sovereign, your Lord!!  Regardless of earthly authorities.  When He returns, there'll be no more choice.  He WILL establish His kingdom on earth.

Too often we take the throne back, not consciously and intentionally all the time, and we make lousy kings!!!

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