Monday, August 13, 2012

Lessons from the Children

Setting:  Exodus - Sinai - Kadesh Barnea - wandering - Gilgal - conquest
(The whole book of Deuteronomy is reiterating what happened in the wilderness, what God promised, what happened at Kadesh Barnea, etc.)

Question:  Why did Generation 2 succeed while Generation 1 failed?
Answer:  (obvious) - Gen. 2 believed God - followed, trusted, had faith

But,  Question 2:  Why???  did Gen 2 trust?  (and Gen 1 did not?)
Answer:  not easy, there's no explicit scripture telling why.

So...... observations (assumptions) - On one hand, it's not good exegesis.  But, 1 Cor. 10:11

The differences in Gen 1 & Gen 2

#1.  Gen 2 grew up trusting God on a daily basis.  ie:  40 years following Him and experiencing His provision.  Deut. 8:4

(Parents Note:)  It's easier to trust  God if you grow up among people who trust God!
Notes:  A)  Belief in God is not trust in God.  Example:  (Gen 1 believed in YHWH)  There's a huge difference in believing in Him and trusting  Him.
            B)  The miracles didn't make a difference/ day to day reliance did.

#2.  Gen 2 viewed hardship as training (preparation, discipline)
Note:  Gen 2 accepts the words of Moses - Deut. 8:2-5, 15-16 - contrast this with the constant bickering, complaining, bellyaching of the 1st. Generation

Both Gens experienced hardship, But - as a reason to step up or step back?
Gen 1 - Num. 11:1 (a), Num. 11:4-6, 14:1-4, 21:4-5 - continual, constant complaining and whining

Hardship is part of life, therefore it's part of the Christian life.
The scripture is clear:
God expects us to endure hardship - Jer. 12:1-5 - note:  He never answers Jeremiah as to why, just tells him to "buck up and do it".  But, God never ignored him.
and -
God expects us to employ hardship - Rom. 5:3-4 - God uses the hardship

#3.  Gen 2 Assumed Responsibility for the Conquest
Contrast:  Gen 1 - Num. 16:12 - 14 (a) - you get it done for us.  Not our responsibility.  This is entitlement attitude on steroids.  
               Gen 2 - Josh. 1:16-18 - Joshua didn't take the land.  The armies that followed him did.
(note:  slave mentality??)  - Num. 11:5  - "at no cost"

Application:  You  are responsible for your spiritual journey, your spiritual condition!!
Gen. 1 never got past the slave attitude.

#4.  Gen 2 was not swayed by a few loud voices.
Contrast:  Gen 1: - Num. 13:32, 11:4, 16:41 - "bad report", "the rabble among", "you've killed God's people"

Question:  Did Gen 2 have naysayers?  againers?
BUT........ it's not recorded, don't surface, ignored!
Gen 2 knew where they should go, what should do and weren't swayed by every new upstart movement - Eph. 4:14

NOW:  to New Testament for final commentary and application concerning Gen 1 - Heb. 3:5-15
So......... whatever reasons Gen 1 failed .... the responsibility for their failure rests squarely  on them.



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