Monday, June 4, 2012


The issue is justice, i.e. - rightness or oughtness
- the state of things being right or being put right, being made right.
- things being made to BE as they ought to be....

We all have
A.  An inherent sense that justice should prevail.
B.  a realization (understanding) that justice doesn't (always) prevail.  Many times things are not made right.

So......... Question??? 
Can there be (perfect) justice?  (and note:  if it's not perfect, then it's not justice)
Will justice ever prevail?  Is it possible in this life?

For an answer, look at Kant's Practical Argument.   Immanuel Kant (1724-1804).  An 18th. century German philosopher who was not a Christian.  He did believe that God exists but that it can't be proved.  (Agnostic theist)

Kant argued that:  for justice to exist, there must be......
#1.  Another life or another world - afterlife, life after death, because just is not always reached in this world/life.  Without this, there will never be true justice.

#2.  A final judgment (another life with judgment there) - a cosmic court/a final judgment of all which was not set right in this life.

#3.  A morally perfect judge - who is absolutely good and just - whose character cannot be corrupted.  So he would always judge rightly, fairly, justly

#4.  An omniscient judge because even if morally perfect, just have all knowledge to judge rightly.  (Must know all things about all facts)

#5. An omnipotent (all powerful) judge with the power to enforce - to follow up, act on his perfect judgments.

According to Kant, "if you had all these, you could have justice."

The Christian response - "we do have all these things.  Therefore, there will be justice."

So........ justice will come!!!!   BUT.........

I.  Not Yet.  Matt. 24:1-14 - we're not in that other world yet.
II.  NOT FOR FREE.  things will be put right but at what cost???   It was very costly - death of Jesus Christ.
1 Pet. 3:18 - just for the unjust
1 John 2:2
All injustice is a result of sin and the sin nature.  It required that God come in the flesh, die on the cross, and pay for those sins.

Meanwhile??  What are we supposed to do while we wait for justice??

#1.  Bear up and be patient.  Rev. 6:9-11 - how long?  be patient. Injustices are not over yet.

#2. Be faithful - keep on keeping on.  Heb. 11:32-39 - didn't receive justice but were faithful --- Faithfulness = and expression of faith.

#3.  Be active, or be pro-active - don't sit idly or passively by while we wait for the Lord's return, but be doing what He called us to do - work at fixing it.
Pro-active scriptures:
Ex. 23:2 - do not pervert justice
Ex. 23:6 - do not deny justice
Deut. 24:17 - do not deprive the alien or the fatherless of justice
Deut. 27:19 - cursed is the man who withholds justice
Ezra 7:25 - appoint magistrates and judges to administer justice
Isa. 1:17 - seek justice
Isa. 56:1 - this is what the LORD says;  "Maintain justice and do what is right.."

#4.  Practice mercy - Matt. 23:23  Luke 23:34 (a) - grace and truth

And: #5.  Remember... that you are part of the problem!!!
(when you fail to give brother/sister/neighbor/fellow man their rightful due, you are acting unjustly!!
(whether it's assistance, comfort, encouragement, time, attention, recognition)
There is no injustice in this life that is not caused by people and we are all part of "people".

Summary passage:  Micah 6:6-8 - concerning worship and giving God what is due  - He calls us to justice, mercy, and humility.

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