Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Virtuous Woman

 Prov. 31:10-31

This is a "remarkable lady"!!!  But note:
#1.  The praise is not for her achievements but for her character.
In the King James, "virtuous woman" = moral character, moral goodness.  Therefore, she does all these things.
Character traits:  willing, hardworking, industrious, creative, motivated (a self-starter), sensible, practical, reliable, trustworthy, kind, caring, generous, supportive.  She is a wise woman.
Question:  What about her appearance???  NOT MENTIONED!!!  Not because it's not important, but because it's not of primary importance.
Her character leads to her behavior that leads to her achievements.
Her character leads to her behavior that leads to her beauty!!

#2.  Her character is attributed to her faith(vs. 30)
"fear" = reverence:  to revere - to honor/respect!  Stand in awe of.... to defer to......  to submit to...
She is who she is because she fears the Lord.

NOTE:  Proverbs is the Book of Wisdom.   It begins with praise of Wisdom. (seek it, apply it)
Ends here!!!  With a Wise woman, a wise wife, a rare prize!!

APPLICATION:  The Virtuous Woman Serves as a:

#1.  Mirror.   Ladies - to examine yourself  ( James 1:23-25 )
The point is NOT do as she does but develop this character. - who she is.  Be a Godly woman.
A.  Based on - fear of God, Word of God
B.  Resulting in .... a "remarkable Lady!"
 This passage is not meant to crush you but to show you the plans God has for you - to build this kind of character.

#2.  Model
A.  For........ young ladies - something to look to, measure by, model by.....
The point is not:  be a wife, mom, stay-at-home mom, business woman, etc.
The point is:  develop Godly Character which leads to becoming a Remarkable Lady!

B.  For young men... this equals the character/quality(s) to look for!!!
Good looks will change/fade.  Godly character will improve!!  (Sanctification is inherent in the Christian walk)

#3.  Reminder......
A.  Recognize what you have - ie: a wife who possess and displays some of these traits.
BPraise her for who she is - Vs. 28, what she does - Vs. 30-31  And for improving you!!!  (as per vs. 23)
C.  Assist her - not just in what she does, but in the process of becoming what God's called her to be.

Question??  Is it possible to be a Virtuous Woman if hubby is a jerk???

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