Monday, April 23, 2012


John 4:1-26

Worship - my definition = declaring His worth.
There are many forms/applications.  Praise, adoration, sacrifice, obedience, etc.

Worship is more than singing, giving, attending, paying attention!!
Worship is more than Sunday meeting.  It is obedience and lifestyle.

Some observations:
#1.  God deserves worship.  It is a given among believers.  Psalm 150:1-2

A.  for Who His IS
B. for What He's Done. 

#2.  God Expects Worship.  Mal.  1:6 (a)  "....says the Lord Almighty"  This is a reasonable expectation from His people.  Matt.  22:21 (b) - King James says "render"

#3.  God Seeks Worship  John 4:23
Question:  Why??  Answer:  Not for Himself.   Therefore, it must be for us!!!

Benefits of Worship:
1.  puts problems into proper perspective - focus on God's greatness, see trials in true size!
2.  increases our awareness of blessings - which increases out sense of well-being
3.  develops humility - seeing self as really are.
4.  Therefore, improves character!
5.  Therefore, improves human relationships - indirect consequence:  if character is improved, A) easier to live with and B) better spouse, worker, friend, etc.
6.  Also, testifies of your faith, and, more importantly,
7.  True worship glorifies God. - portrays God properly.  Makes Him known!

#4.  God seeks TRUE worship.  John 4:23-24
2 components:  "spiritual" - authentic heart worship - Matt. 15:7-9
                        "truth"... - As Revealed - John 4:22
So,... pharisees (then) vs. liberals (now) - John 4:24 *

*Must note where this conversation began and ended...  Not with the subject of "worship", BUT with Jesus as the Christ.
Because, HE IS the center and the subject of TRUE worship - Rev.  5:8-9, 12-13

Challenge:  1)  Examine your worship - private/public, Sunday, Monday....
                    2)  Examine it in light of your relationship with Jesus Christ.

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