Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Sunday

Luke 24:13-21 (a) - Question:  false hopes?  Misplaced faith?

Answer:  when the HOPE is in Christ, (a) you may not get what you wanted, but (b) you will get God's best!!

Easter is not the FIRST time Jesus showed His power over death.  John 11:17-44

The Easter message for us is:  Death has no power when Jesus is LORD!!!

Christians believe (then and now) that Jesus is:  (1) Risen
                                                                        (2) Victorious
                                                                        (3) Present!!!

Even in darkest hour, deepest need, He is with you!!!  So Paul writes in Rom. 8:31-32, 35-39

You are here today to recognize, worship, and hopefully, rededicate and recommit to Him.

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