Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christian Confidence for a New Year

The trend/mood - 100 years ago - optimism incredibly high. Today - pessimism.

So......, will things get better??? Get worse??? Continue to roller coaster????

Answer: no one knows!!! The future is always uncertain and can't be predicted by opinion polls.

BUT, Christians needn't be alarmed/upset... concerned, yes, but not alarmed... in uncertain times (which is all times).
Christians can be certain (confident/calm) because..... we know:

#1. God is still God. (if He ever was, He still is)
Mal. 3:6 (a)
Therefore, we can conclude: A. He's in control - "God is greater than __________" (you fill in the blank)
B. He's still faithful - to His purpose, promise, people. This does not mean that He'll do what we want Him to do.
C. We're not abandoned (as individuals, as a group, as a nation, etc)
Dan. 3:16-18 Mark 13:5-8 Rom. 8:31

#2. Christ is still on THE throne. (if He ever was Lord...)
Illustration: in the first century, Christians faced uncertainty, government sponsored persecution, and in the midst, John receives "the Revelation".
Which ...."in spite of appearances" ..... I'm still on the throne" - so..... Rev. 1:19 - "you can write this down"
John 14:1 (for the disciples before the resurrection, for us until His return) - trust Him - Christ specifically

#3. The Kingdom is still being advanced. Because people are still being saved.
Question: is the Kingdom gaining ground? Example: world stats vs. social condition???

BUT, either way... a soul saved means the Kingdom is advanced.

#4. (ultimately and finally) All Will Be Well. Rev. 21:3-5

So, we know of this we can be certain:
1. God is still at work.
2. There is still work to be done. John 4:35 - talking about people
3. our calling remains (unchanged/unaltered) - which in part means pursue righteousness, promote the Kingdom, etc.
Matt. 28:18-20 - make disciples
Matt. 5:13-16 - make a difference (MAD)

In closing:

A. a call to confidence in Him - regardless of what we see in the future.
B. A call to commitment as well.

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