Monday, January 9, 2012

7 Tools to Make A Difference

Eph. 4:1
The term "Christian calling" covers a lot of ground.

He calls you.... to come (woos you)
........................ to accept (receive, embrace)
........................ to learn (grow, disciple)
....................... t0 go!! Example: Matt: 4:19
More fully: Matt. 28:18-20

Christian calling has NOT changed!

Mostly we as Christians feel inadequate to "go". (mostly we ARE!!)
BUT, know this ...... when called also:
A. commissioned (His authority passed on)
B. Equipped (given tools for the task)
C. Empowered (enabled) - may not feel empowered, or sense being empowered, but ARE!
**NOTE: the power is not in you or the tool.
BUT... He works through you and through the tools He's given you.

So........ 7 Tools to Make A Difference, or, 7 (Powerful) Tools to Make An (Eternal) Difference

Tools' List:
prayer - interceding for others
proclamation - telling THE story
personal testimony - telling your story
example - living the story (modeling)
truth - that which is in accord with reality, fact
love - Agape (love of God)
solidarity - unity that works (does something)

These tools are:
1. Biblical
2. traditional
3. Universal - can be used on people regardless of education, race, culture, age, etc.
4. Powerful (authored by God, empowered by God)
5. effective - will not accomplish what you desire but what God purposes.

#1. Prayer - asking (interceding on behalf of) for others - James 5:16 (b) - 18 - most of us make far too little use of this powerful tool because we don't see the immediate results
1 John 5:14-15 - based on example - Mark 11:24 - prayer has great power

#2. Proclamation - telling the story. 1 John 1:1
simple and practical - Rom. 10:14
So "through the foolishness of preaching..." - (preaching = telling the story)

#3. Personal testimony - telling your story. Mark 5:18-20 - Legion
Paul - 2 parts - #1. - I know/ #2 - I believe.
Your story is not THE story, but parallels THE story.
Power??? - Rev. 12:10-11 (a) - "...testimony" - THE story and their story

#4. Example - living the story/modeling the story. This is the twin brother to Personal Testimony. Personal testimony is not much good if it's not lived out.
1 Pet. 2:12, 15 which leads to Matt. 5:16
On one hand, not all are watching, BUT some are!

#5. Truth - that which is in accordance with reality and fact.
Truth leads to right/non-truth leads to wrong!!
Which way to the Father?? John 14:6 - right direction

#6. Love - Agape.... as defined by God.... ACTIVE (John 3:16) Rom. 5:8
1 Cor. 13:1-3, 12:31 (b)
Acting according to what is right and good regardless of feelings.

#7. Solidarity - (MRP definition) - unity that works (more than harmony that fellowships)
Solidarity - we have if we'll use it. Does something to advance the Kingdom of God.
Eph. 4:4-6
Example: community churches should do more than "fellowship".

Since these tools are: Biblical, traditional, universal, powerful, therefore, they are effective.

Also - 1) Simple
2) Available - easy to use.

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