Monday, September 12, 2011

Observations on 9-11; A Christian Perspective

I. We live in a fallen world - a Christian perspective. Many non-Christians don't know this.
A. life is uncertain
- for all of us. (9-11 - normal people going about a normal day)
B. evil is present - Christian view - real evil, not just bad stuff - example: hurricane, flooding, extreme dry conditions - these are bad things but are not evil.
C. our faith does not insulate us - (ie: from uncertainty, evil, etc.) Our faith should carry us through. Can happen any time and any where.
D. ignoring and denying evil in the hearts of people does not help - so many people think if we just ignore it, it will go away.
Example: the failure of Europe and North America to take seriously the German/Imperial Japanese threat in WWII. Jer. 4:5-9, 6:13-14
E. Remembering the past can help. Reminds us of the scope of the situation, the suffering, the sacrifice
F. honoring our "responders" is in order. - So, it is appropriate to observe Memorial Day, Veterans' Day, services for 9-11 responders, etc.

I. We live in a fallen world.
II. God is with us in this fallen world. God doesn't only come in majesty and power, but also in humility in the midst of our agony and suffering in the pits.

(Picture of the iron cross at the bottom of the rubble (pit) of the towers.) The Christian view - "He is here". John 1:1,14 (a) Psalm 23:4

Therefore: we can worship Him amidst tragedy, and we should worship Him amidst tragedy.

III. We are not destined for (doomed to) a fallen world.
A. Christ has overcome. The cross: the greatest tragedy led to ultimate blessing.
B. We can Make a Difference - Matt. 5:13-16 - strive to prevent pain, minister amidst pain, heal pain, etc.
C. God will make it all right! Rev. 21:1-5

We can never fix anything, but should be fighting the battle all the time.

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