Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Chrisian Work Ethic - Pt. 2

A moral view of work (right and wrong) - based on Scripture.

#1. God is a working God. - John 5:17

#2. We are created in His (working) image. Gen. 2:15

#3. Work is not part of the curse or a result of the fall. The fall id these to our labors: toil, frustration, drudgery, grind. Gen. 3:17-19 (a)

Definition - Work (as used in this series):
A. the task
B. the effort
C. the product

A. The task, duty, responsibility - that is yours to do. This is more than a paid vocation.
Example: job of spouse, parent, student, neighbor
Note: for the Christian this is more than a duty.... it is a calling. Eph. 4:1

B. The Effort - necessary energy expended to fulfill duty, do the job. Maybe physical, intellectual, emotional... Example: the effort required to be a good spouse, parent, etc.

C. The product - outcome, what's produced by your efforts.
On one hand, it is often beyond your control - example: farmer, cattleman, teacher, doctor.
But, product must be considered as we assess our work. We need to examine the product, and asked ourselves if the product is a result of our efforts, or is it not in our control.

So...to examine the work ethic, we must consider:
1. attitude - toward duty, obligation, responsibility..... our calling
2. effort -
to fulfill the obligation, do the job.
3. outcome
- ie. when it's within my control.

So.......... who work well? Why apply myself to my duties?

6 Biblical Reasons:

1. To provide for family.
1 Tim. 5:8
A. Your family is your responsibility. contrast the 'entitlement' attitude.
B. their needs are more than physical.

2. to provide for community in a broad sense. Working to assist (give/help)
Acts 20:34-35 Eph. 4:28
when I produce more than I consume which leads to excess for blessing

#3. for personal satisfaction - Eccles. 2:10, 2:24, 3:12-13
It may be hard to find satisfaction in some work, but it's easier to find satisfaction when you attempt to do it well!

#4. to earn respect - 1 Thess. 4:11-12
the point is to gain a platform to share Christ when are diligent in duty.

#5. to set an example - 2 Thess. 3:7-9 Acts. 20:35

#6. To honor Christ. Col. 3:23-24.
Point being: Who is your Lord? How do you honor Him? (obedience)
Which is why the Puritans said "all work is a form of worship".

1. labor alone does not commend you to God. (you are not going to Heaven because you work hard). Eph. 2:8-9

2. working well is not all of the Christian life (only part of it!!)

your labor (in the Lord) does M.A.D. - (make a difference.)
1 Cor. 15:58 Rev. 14:13

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