Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Prov. 1:1-7, 2:1-6, 9-11, 3:13-18, 4:5-9
These are just a small sample of what scripture teaches concerning Wisdom.

Two weeks ago - "Building a Stable Christian life" and we alluded to WISDOM'S place in this process.

Today - we'll expand on the study of Biblical Wisdom.

I. The definition/description of true wisdom.
A. Webster's Dictionary:
1. knowledge
2. ability to discern (insight)
3. good sense (judgment)
4. a combination of these three

B. Eastern Tradition adds.... a person with knowledge, insight and judgment ... who applied these things to practical affairs/everyday living (which is more than just head).
ie: a person with right thinking AND right actions. A person who utilized knowledge, experience, understanding, etc.

A wise man is a man skilled at life; could glean the most good from life with the least hassle; could make life work for him instead of against him. Ex: paddling with the current instead of against it.

C. *Biblical sense/Jewish understanding adds a bit more!!!
ie: includes
1. a knowledge of God and God's will (revealed in His Word)
2. a "fear" of God ie: reverential awe, recognizing His awesomeness, authority (Prov. 1:7, 15:33)
3. (a personal) trust in God.... (faith)
4. the belief that all wisdom originates with God and, therefore, ultimately comes from God. ( Prov. 2:6) (Job 28:20-28)

* to be wise in the Biblical sense is to be skilled in living in light of God's revelation, will.. To master the art of living as God intends you to live. A wise person in scripture is one who has "A black belt in life" - head knowledge and actions to match. James 3:13

II. The Value (practical) of true wisdom.

Note: All cultures/civilizations have valued wisdom, but often more for recognition/prestige than for practical value. This is NOT so in scripture!!! Prov. 8:19

Benefits listed in scripture are:
in wisdom you'll find knowledge and understanding, direction and purpose, insight and confidence, goodness, justice moral rightness, social rightness, personal growth and maturity, correction, discipline, and development, inner peace and prosperity (which doesn't mean monetary but wholeness/health, pleasure, satisfaction, contentment, a good name ... favor with man and with God (person out of favor with man and with God is NOT a wise person)

Also (especially) in Wisdom we find God..... so find eternal life, eternal purpose, eternal rewards, relationships.
IN WISDOM..... find LIFE. Prov. 8:32-26

III. The Acquisition of Wisdom (doesn't necessarily come with age)

#1. Recognize Wisdom's Practical Value
Point is not become a sage. The point is to maximize life which leads to maximum enjoyment and impact.
Important to recognize the value, because you must choose wisdom.

#2. Choose Wisdom - If you don't choose it, you won't have it.
On one hand, some may have a greater capacity for wisdom (gift of knowledge, discernment, etc)
BUT, scripture says it's mostly a choice! Prov. 4:5, 4:7 Point: not a fool because born a fool, but because choose fool.

#3. Seek God - who is the source of all truth, wisdom... Can't acquire true wisdom if don't seek God. Prov. 9:10, 15:33 - Wisdom is found in God, AND God is found in wisdom.
Contrast Rom. 1:21-22 - speaking of those who rejected God.

#4. Embrace Christ (God incarnate) - to reject Christ is to turn away from wisdom.
John 1:14 (a) "among us". Col. 1:15 (a) "God"
So.... John 10:10 (b) - "I have come...."

#5. Study the Word (God's revelation to us...)
Psalm 119:130

#6. Walk according to the Word
Mat. 7:24, 26 - wisdom is more than head, it is hands!
Illustration: Solomon - had wisdom, but chose not to implement it.

#7. Pray for Wisdom - James 1:5 (James 4:2 - "have not because you ask not")
It's not simply a matter of asking, BUT that is part of the process!!

#8. Accept Instruction - Prov. 19:20, 9:9 - some hard words!!

#9. Accept Correction - Prov. 15:31-32 more than receiving criticism well. Means adjusting accordingly. Prov. 13:10 "take advantage"

#10. Choose Wise Companions Prov. 13:20. Who do you hang with? Who do you listen to?

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