Monday, July 18, 2011

Wisdom - Lessons form King Solomon

I. The Definition of Wisdom
A. Common definition - knowledge, insight, discernment, good judgment, uncommon good sense.
B. Eastern definition - adds hands to head (actions to knowledge)
A wise man is a person with right thinking and right actions in daily life - James 3:13
C. Biblical definition.... figures God into the equation. Faith in a personal God.
A wise man knows God, fears God, obeys God, etc.
Prov. 1:7 (a), "Knowledge" Prov. 15:33 (a) - "wisdom"

Last week - definition, value, acquisition of wisdom.
Today - life lessons from the wisest of the wise King Solomon.

1 Kings 3:4-15 (followed by stories of his wisdom, wealth, and fame!!!)
1 Kings 10:23-24 .... "But...."
1 Kings 11:1-11 (followed by his death, the division and downfall of Israel)

II. The Big Question????? If Solomon had all wisdom and understanding, why would he? How could he?
Answers: He's human, he wanted to, he could (he was the King!)
AND.... he thought he could get away with it!! How?? Jer. 17:9

III. Lessons for Us (from the life of Solomon)

#1. God is pleased with a heart that seeks wisdom.
example of Solomon, and many scriptures

#2. God grants wisdom to the true seeker - James 1:5
Question: granted equally??? don't know. Still pondering that.
BUT, granted sufficiently!! 2 Cor. 12:9 - Paul's thorn in the flesh
Matt. 7:7-11 - G0d does not withhold good from people who ask for it.

#3. Wisdom must also be chosen. Prov. 4:5 "get" - Prov. 4:7
A. God grants you insight. Not B. your must use it or you don't have it!!

#4. You can be wise in your head and still be stupid with your hands.
Example: Solomon, lung surgeon who smokes two packs a day, etc.

A. Some here today ... primary need - acquire insight, understanding
B. others here today .... primary need - apply insight, already have understanding..
C. All of us.... need to recognize the faulty mechanism between head and hands....
ie: heart - Jer. 17:9 Prov. 4:23 Psalm 90:12 "heart of wisdom"

#5. You must not only choose wisdom, you must continue to choose it.
Solomon obvious example. Ezek. 28:11-17, 19
Observation: #1. A good start does not guarantee a good finish. You can deviate at any time!!

Observation #2: Wisdom perverted, misapplied is probably far more dangerous, detrimental, damaging than wisdom never acquired.
The simpleton is not as dangerous as the wise fool!!

#6. Your un-wise choices affect more than yourself. Solomon's decisions affected his wives, kids, nation, future generations.

#7. Some of your choices (decisions, actions) cannot be undone! They can be forgiven, but cannot be reversed. Gal. 6:7-8. So, get it right the first time as often as possible.

NOTE: need to correct last week's mis-statement.... ie: "if you do _______ you are a fool."
Should be: "If you do _______ you are acting like a fool, displaying foolish behavior". Does not necessarily mean you are a fool!!!
Question: At what point does foolish behavior constitute a full-blown fool? Don't know, but will explore that in future sermons.

Meanwhile - leave with two scriptures... Prov. 9:9 - my hope for us and this series
So..... start reading Proverbs
don't rush thru it..
and Remember ..... Prov. 9:10

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