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Loving With Head, Heart, Hands - 11-1-09

Matt. 22:34-40 - focus is on Vs. 37.
From Deut. 6:5 Compare Mark 12:30 and Luke 10:27
Point being - with all your faculties/abilities

HEAD - Knowledge/fact/truth/understanding
Primarily intellectual contrasted with intuitive, experiential
Example: Know of God and about God through truths of Scripture.

HEART - does not primarily thought but feeling (used with caution!)
- means attitude, affections. passion, intuition, desire, sentiment, emotional experience
Examples: sincerity, purity, compassion, concern, longing, zeal.....
Like love. Heart is easier to understand than describe! "I just feel in my heart."

HANDS - works, deeds, actions. Generally external and visible
The Biblical term is "fruit". which is external evidence of internal nature.

Note: these three are not easily divided and tend to overlap.
"Know God" - with head?? or heart??
Where's the line between?
"Confession" - head?? - (agree) heart??? (remorse) hands??? (action)
"Love Neighbors" - head means value him Heart - care about him. Hands - assist him.
BUT... all three are valid, important and designed to complement one another.


Head - 2 Pet. 3:17-18
Phil. 1:9-10
Eph. 1:17
1 Tim. 2:3-4
2 Pet. 1:3

Heart - Matt. 5:3-8
Matt. 15:8-9
Heb. 10:22 a relationship between God and man
1 Pet. 1:22 relationship man to man

Hands - John 14:15
John 21:15
Matt. 28:18-20
John 13:17
James 2:14-18/26

So...... you can see the importance of each.
BUT, what if there is deficiency? imbalance??

Heart without head - John 4:22-24
Rom. 10:1-2
Head without heart - 1 Cor. 8:8-11
Head without hands - Rom. 2:17-22
Head and hands without heart - 1 Cor. 13:1-3

#1. Which constitutes loving God and Man?
Answer: all three in combination. - "obeying the truth from the heart".

#2. Which is most important? Comparison: air, water, food
On one hand air is the most vital. But ALL are necessary!! (without head, how can you measure heart and hands)

#3. On which should I focus? My tendency? or my deficiency?
Answer: Both!!! Tendency is area of giftedness, strength, passion
Deficiency is area of weakness therefore, must focus and develop

#4. How to adjust?
Head - study, get knowledge, better understanding of the Word and truth.
Hands - practice what you know and learn.
Heart?? (friendship meal) - A. Exposure to the Word
B. Sensitivity to the Spirit
C. Practice Spiritual disciplines - self examination, prayer/confession/worship
D. Develop a relationship with Christ
E. Continue to function with head and hands

Matt. 7:24 - concept/idea means: 1. Exposure (to truth)
2. Understanding Head - sift truth through head
3. Embracing Heart - welcome truth into heart
Responding Hands - practice truth with your hands.

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