Monday, November 30, 2009

Developing Your Christian Hands

Last in the series "Becoming a Whole Christian". Mark 12:28-31

Previously: Developing Your Christian Head and Developing Your Christian Heart.

Definition: Christian hands means: 1. action, work, deeds
2. willful action (not reflex)
3. based on & in response to head and hearts

Generally it is visible, audible, detectable.
On occasion it's otherwise. Examples: silent prayer, holding your tongue.

I. Christianity is a hands religion (action/deed/response to....)
John 14:15 Matt. 28:19-20 John 13:17
Heb. 11:1-2 2 Cor. 5:10 Matt. 25:34-36,41-43
Classic Verse - James 2:17-18,24,26
Summary Verse: Matt. 7:24

II. This does not diminish the importance of the head and heart. Rev. 2:1-5 (a)
Picture the three - head, heart, hands as a pyramid.

Head forms the foundation. Heart is next. Hands is the roof. Works is the pinnacle, not the foundation. IF you start with the roof, you get it all wrong. BUT, if you never get to the roof... the house is useless.
Luke 10:38-42

III. You can't measure faith by works alone. Rev. 3:1-3 (a) - got their reputation from their deeds.

IV. Works is a very important measure of the faith.
Matt. 7:20 Titus 1:16 1 John 3:17-19

Applications for developing your Christian Hands.

#1. Develop a proper foundation. (ie: head and heart)
Quiet time, Bible Study, Knowledge, Truth , Relationship with Christ

#2. Build on that foundation. (do something)

#3. Build compatible with the foundation. Christian works should match Christian truth!!

#4. Don't wait until your head is full.
Example: Apostles... developed theology, doctrine AS THEY WENT

#5. Don't wait until your heart is perfect.
Question? Does acting according to truth but contrary to feelings make you a hypocrite?
Answer: No. Should be doing what's responsible regardless of how you feel.

Here at the end of the series on becoming a whole Christian.
We don't possess a "faith meter". BUT, there are ways to measure our own faith, growth, progress.

Ask yourself: #1. What do I know? (head, not heart)
(How would you do on a test (written) on truths of Scripture?)
#2. What do I feel? (heart) Heart, longing, yearning, desire for...... God, Presence of God, God's Word, God's work, Kingdom, God's people
#3, What am I doing (hands)

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