Monday, October 13, 2008

When Judging Is Inappropriate

The question: To judge or not to judge?
Matt. 7:1 - "don't"
Matt. 7:6 - "do"
John 7:24 - "get it right"

So, when is it proper & appropriate to judge another?
Answer: there is no list. Therefore you must use scripture and scriptural examples to determine the principles by which your determine or decide .
Generally speaking, we're to judge actions, behavior, lifestyle, not the person himself.

It Is inappropriate to judge others when:

#1. You are exercising a fault finding spirit. - nitpicky, hypercritical, fault-finding.
Matt. 7:1
The Greek word that is translated judge -
a. consider, as in judge in a courtroom
b. criticize, as in judge character by hairstyle

#2. The judgment is nothing more than gossip.
tale-bearing, backbiting, slander James 4:11-12
Slander = A. talking trash that isn't true. - technical slander.
B. talking trash that may be true but isn't necessary to say!!
Question: Why do we delight in putting people down? to lift self up? which= pride?

#3. When the judgment is a screen for a personal agenda.
John 8:2-6 This should be beneath moral and ethical character of Christians.
Vs. 6 - the Pharisees' motive? John 8:6
Compare this to: presidential elections, character assassinations
Contrast: Lev. 19:15 - "get it right"

#4. You are passing judgment on disputable matters.
Rom. 14:1-6, 10, 13
Context? - "Disputable matters" - ie: questionable, debatable, uncertain,
Examples: hairstyle, dress code, musical preference, tattoos

Be careful here. Different people draw the line in different places.
Observation: don't assume because you've got scripture, you are right. The Pharisees new the scripture inside and out and they were dead wrong in many of their judgments.

Don't assume wan can't get it right! That's the point of scripture! 2 Tim. 3:16
Remember, we can get it right in letter and wrong in spirit, and therefore, Be wrong.
Example: the Pharisees and the woman caught in adultery.

#5, You assume more than God reveals.
Example: Job's friends, their assumption. Job 42:7
Compare this to the statement that "aids" was God's judgment on the homosexual community.

#6. You have major sins in your own life.
2 Sam. 12:1-10 The problem was not David's judgment or verdict. The problem was His sin.

On one hand, don't wait until you're perfect to judge others. You'll never get perfect.
But, don't judge others if you're unwilling to judge Yourself!!

So...... judge yourself, score yourself on #1 - #6.
What's your score? What's your need?

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