Monday, September 22, 2008

Security of the Believer

The Security of the Believer (perseverance of the saints, once saved always saved, etc.)

Once saved, once reconciled, never rejected!!

Springboard scripture: John 10:27-29

I. New Testament Scriptures supporting eternal security:

John 6:37-40

Phil. 1:6

2 Timothy 1:12

Hebrews 13:5

Question – are there scriptures to the contrary?

Answer – Yes. Some can be explained, some seem to support loss of salvation.

BUT, the majority of scriptures indicate that once you have been truly born again, you cannot lose that standing.

II. New Testament Pictures/Analogies

A. The New Birth – John 3:3-7. We can die. We cannot be unborn!!!

B. Sonship - John 1:12-13 still your parents’ child whether owned, disowned, disinherited, etc. The fact of sonship remains steadfast.

C. Adoption Romans 8:15-17 Galatians 4:4-7
In Oklahoma law and in Roman law back in Jesus’ time, an adopted child cannot be disinherited or disowned.

D. Earnest – Eph. 1:13-14 2 Cor. 5:5

E. The Prodigal Son – Luke 15 Note: lost sheep, lost coin, lost SON. He lost his direction, his discernment, his good sense. BUT, he did NOT lose his name, his father, his family. He was still a SON.

III. The Nature of Salvation – A Gift of Grace. By definition – undeserved, unmerited favor

A. Saved by Grace - Eph. 2:8-10

B. Cleansed by Grace – I John 1:8-9

C. Kept by Grace – Jude 24-25 Rom. 8:35-39 – We’re kept by His goodness

IV. Old Testament Pictures

A. The Abrahamic Covenant – an unconditional, one-sided covenant. Only God walked! The covenant was not based on Abraham’s deeds but on God’s promise.

The New Covenant doesn’t depend on me but on Him!!

B. Israel in the Wilderness – they wouldn’t see the Promised Land, but they were led, protected, cared for

C. Israel in Exile – they where there as punishment because of their sins, but they were not disowned or abandoned, etc.

V. Character Studies

A. Adam and Eve – Gen. 3 – they were exiled but not abandoned

B. David and Bathsheba – 2 Sam. 11-12 Psalm 51:12

C. What about Judas Iscariot? - John 6:70-71 John 17:12 This was not a falling from grace. Never was in grace.

VI. False Conversions

A. 2 Pet. 2:20-22 – didn’t lose it, but were on the brink and turned back.

B. 1 John 2:18-19 - “never of us”

C. Matt. 7:21 – “not everyone who says to me…..”

It’s a matter of profession vs. possession.

Some Objections to "once saved, always saved".

1. It seem unreasonable.- yes, it does, except in the light of grace. Example: Matt. 20 – parable of the 12th. hour worker

2. It’s a license to sin. Not when properly taught and applied. Jude 4

Nobody properly handling these scriptures believes this. No more than a “get resaved” doctrine.

3. There are scriptures that teach otherwise.

Granted!! But some can be explained, some appear to teach the possible loss of salvation. (addressed in evening service) The bulk of scripture supports eternal security.

A. the danger of “once saved…” – belief that you are all right because of a profession and a prayer.- therefore you are safe and secure. That’s putting your faith in a teaching, not Jesus Christ. 2 Cor. 13:5 A profession and prayer doesn’t save us. Christ saves us. You cannot bank of security of the believer if you are not a believer!!

B. The importance of “once saved…” – you have trust, confidence, security in Christ.


1. Know what you believe and why

2. Recognize and allow a scriptural alternative (PM service)

3. Don’t make this a test of fellowship

4. Focus on “believer” rather than “security”

5. Put your faith in Christ, not in a teaching

6. Commit yourself fully to the Lord – your past, present, future – and trust Him. Psalm 121:1-8

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