Monday, September 8, 2008

Being Certain of Your Salvation

I John 5:11-13

Statistics show that most people believe in heaven and believe they’ll go there.

The Surprise is how many people struggle with and doubt their salvation AFTER accepting Christ.

So –

The 4-H test of Eternal Life (credit to Gaylon Kemp)

I. The Head Test - examine your decision.
Rom. 10:9 & 10

A. is the Bible trustworthy?
B. have you done this?
C. Is God faithful?

On the one hand it IS more than a verbal claim.
Matt. 7:21

James 2:19

But, it is as simple as deciding and crossing the bridge
John 1:12

John 5:37

What if ????? I don’t feel saved? Example: just because sometimes you don’t feel the passion, does that mean you’re not married?
I wasn’t sincere? Are you sincere NOW?
I can’t identify the time? Place? Question: Do you remember your physical birth? Just because you don’t actually remember being born doesn’t mean that you are NOT here.


II. The Heart Test – examine your affections

I John 2:9

I John 3:14

I John 4:7

The point is: Do you love God? Do you love the things of God?

Examine your love for God’s Word, teaching, people, church, work and mission, kingdom.

III. The Hands Test – examine your actions (lifestyle)

I John 2:3
I John 3:6
I John 3:17-19

The point is: internal change should equal external evidence – FRUIT

IV. The Health test – examine your growth (progress)

I Pet. 2:2
II Pet. 3:18

Point: “new birth” leads to “new life” and that leads to “growth and development”


#1. There should be some evidence in all 4 categories.

Example: the “good man/good old boy” – has fruit/actions. BUT no decision? No affection? No growth?

#2. You’ll never score perfect in any category. We’re sinners and faulty and imperfect.
Rom. 3:23

#3. Your heart will condemn you. I John 3:19 & 20

Don’t measure only by the failures! Note the successes also!

#4. The struggle is often evidence of salvation. (or a willingness to receive it)
Rom. 7:15-24 – The description of a saved person, not a lost person.

#5. Change, Growth, and Transformation is a process.
A. it happens slowly
B. it happens in small increments
C. it is hard to measure
D. it is especially hard to measure by “self”.
The Christian tendency is to measure where we are by where we should be!! Instead of where we’ve come from!

#6. God wants you to be confident in your relationship with Him.
I John 5:13

#7. You can have this confidence – this is God’s will.

1. Consider this material and these tests. Examine your standing 2 Cor. 13:5
2. Accept Christ if necessary
3. Ask for help if uncertain
4. Stand firm if you pass the test.

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