Sunday, August 29, 2021

Jesus' Galilean Ministry

Mark 1:21-39 - all happens before He came back to Jerusalem
Jesus is with at least 4 of the disciples:  James, John, Andrew, Peter.  Perhaps more.

I)  Demons = a big part of Jesus' ministry - so doing a quick overview!

(1)  They are called "unclean (unholy) spirits" - or "demons"
often translates "evil spirits" - come from two different words

(2)  They are a real and present danger
on one hand, are not human.  However, are real persons, personages

(3)  Generally assumed to be fallen angels
Satan's rebellion - Luke 10:18
1/3 of angels fell with him?  Rev. 12:4
Not created evil but with the potential for evil.  God doesn't create evil.

(4)  They oppose God and all that is Godly 
Which = believers!!  - Rev. 12:17   We can anticipate demonic attacks during Christian life.

(5)  They are doomed to destruction - Matt. 25:41

(6)  They know that - Mark 1:24  (different instance = Matt. 8:29)

(7)  They recognized Jesus 
in his humanity - "Jesus of Nazareth..."
in his deity - "the Holy One of God"
in his Authority and power - Mark 1:25-26
(hence they obey reluctantly -- because they have to!!)

(8)  They are still with us today
But.... most visibly active in times and places of:
      (A)  unusual Divine manifestations - example:  Jesus' day
     (B)  places of satanic worship - example:  voodoo, witchcraft, etc.    That's when many times see great deal of holy Spirit activity as well.

(9)  We should be informed, aware, alert.  1 Pet. 5:8-9

(10)  We need not focus on them - Phil. 4:8
beyond, gospels = little interaction with demonic occurrences (until Revelation)
instead = teaching and Focus on Christ!!

Now.... Contrast... Knowing and Believing
            and ......Trusting 
James - "you believe in one God?.... "

NOTE:  Both demons AND humans recognized....

II)  Christ's Authority - Mark 1:22, 27

His authority was evident in...
(a)  His teachings  (John 7:46 - "never has a man spoken..."
(b)  demon expulsions
(c)  Miracles
Last two showed His power over Spiritual world, and natural world

Note again: Recognizing His Authority is not the same as Submitting to His Authority.
On one hand, all will eventually submit
However, blessings (both now and future) are reserved for those who willingly submit!!!

III.  Christ's Purpose - Mark 1:38
He didn't come PRIMARILY to cast out demons, work miracles, cure physical ills, etc.

He came PRIMARILY to ... Preach the Good News!!!  To redeem mankind.  The other things were secondary.

Which = what He wanted His disciples to be about.... "let us go some where else - nearby villages so I can preach there    Mark 1:38

Which = what He wants us to be about.....  Matt. 28:18-20 - Go and share the good news. 
All authority = in charge of EVERYTHING!!

Closing Scripture:  Rom. 15:13

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