Monday, April 5, 2021

Death and Resurrection of Christ

 The two most important events of the Christian faith!

(1)  The death of Christ - as a substitutionary sacrifice resulting in opportunity for forgiveness, reconciliation, eternal life.
(2)  The Resurrection of Christ - (a) a historical event
                                                  (b) a physical body
                                                  (c) into a glorified state - (not subject to physical limitations)  Rose to never die again.  This is what He grants to us some day.

Question:  What does this mean for you and I today??
    We don't just celebrate an event!  We celebrate as beneficiaries of that event! - today!!
Compare to 4th. of July.  We don't just celebrate what happened in 1776, but what that means for us right now.

Let's start with what the Resurrection says  (declares, proves ...)

The Resurrection says: 
#1.  Jesus is Lord 
(early Christians' statement of faith)  This was their creed.   And not just A Lord, but THE Lord!!!  Matt. 28:18 - ALL authority!
Might look around and say "Really?  Then why suffering?  death from disease? evil?  war? etc., etc."
ANSWER  = (1)  He IS Lord  (proven by the resurrection)
             and   (2)  He will assert that Lordship .... in due time!!  When He returns! 
Question:  Have you Accepted His AS YOUR PERSONAL LORD????

#2.  Jesus has God's approval
On one hand, Jesus did many miracles ...
But, dead men don't do miracles!! - Rom. 1:2-4

So.... believe in GOD ... but not sure about Jesus?
Note:  the Resurrection = God's Ultimate stamp of approval!!!

POINT:  The Resurrection declares (1)  Jesus is Lord    (2)  Jesus has God's approval

Therefore  #3.  You can trust Jesus' words
(God wouldn't approve a Liar or a Lunatic!)

This means  (A)  you can trust His words of comfort and encouragement ...
examples:  "lo, I am with you always...." "I'll never leave or forsake...."

But also can trust His words concerning:  (expressing)
(A)  the need for reconciliation  (example:  Bridge illustration) - John 3:16-18

(B)  the means of reconciliation .. - John 14:6 - (very unpopular in the U.S. right now)

and, (C)  the (unpleasant) words of condemnation - Matt. 25:41

(4)  You can trust Jesus (the person
This is more than trusting words of a dead Savior.  Don't just trust His words, but trust Him personally.
This = trusting a  LIVING and Present Savior!! - He rose to make the clear declaration.

(5)  You can face death without fear!!

fear of dying (the act, the process) vs. the fear of death (state) - so.. 1 Cor. 15:55
This = a taunt!! = "hey death... bring it on!!")

For the Christian... yeah!!! I'm going to die  (physically), BUT ... it won't result in separation and it won't be forever.  Rev. 1:17-18

The Resurrection also delcares:

(6)  You can face the judgment without fear
on one hand, we'll all answer before God
However, Christians can stand without fear!  

This does not mean with indifference or comfort, but without fear of condemnation!! Rom. 8:1 - will be OK of you are His.

(7)  If you have not yet made Jesus your personal Savior and Lord ... you (most definitely) should!!!
This is more than "believe" with head  (the demons believe)
It means accept, receive, embrace .. with head, heart, and hands!!

"whosoever will MAY come!!"  Rev. 22:17

The Resurrection declares  (1) Jesus is Lord
                             and      (2)  God is good - He cares and sent His Son to make all this possible!

Closing Scripture:  Heb. 13:20-21

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