Monday, January 18, 2021

God's Call

Three subjects:

I)  The Prophet's Call - (Jeremiah and others)

II)  The Vocational Call - ("call to special ministry")

III)  The Christian Call - (which = applicable to all of us!)


I)  The Prophet's Call  Jer. 1:4-10 - God's word came to Him!!  Vs. 10 - nations rise and fall just as he prophecied.  Jeremiah was universal prophet.  

Note:  #1:  God is the Caller - (the initiator) - call = audible?  strong impression? 
The prophets' calls were (a) all similar
                             yet    (b) all unique - personal
examples:  Moses & bush, Isaiah & temple, Ezekiel by river - called to prophecy in Babylon

           #2.  The Call was a Summons (which is more than an invitation/request)  It was a Clear, Authoritative call... TO a particular work, task, ministry, people  (example:  Jonah to Nineveh) - Jonah 1:1-2
Note:  the prophet may doubt his ability to perform or persevere .. often with great reluctance, BUT never seem to doubt the Call!!  (example:  Jonah - was a whiny, whimpering prophet, but absolutely certain of the call.)

         #3  With the call comes Provision - (the means, ability) which = God Himself!! - Jer. 1:8

Note:  prophets approached the task with humility ... aware that they were INCAPABLE & UNWORTHY - example:  Paul - 1 Cor. 2:3  However, they speak with confidence and Authority!! - example:  Jonah, Moses before Pharaoh, etc.

        #4.  The Prophet has a choice - Jer. 1;5  Question:  God's Sovereignty OR man's Free Will?  or  BOTH!!
An all powerful, all knowing God can say "I'm gonna form Jeremiah, and he'll be my prophet ... by his own free will" - example:  Middle Knowledge


II.  The Vocational Call (call to special service)

      #1  God is the Caller (initiator)

     #2  He Summons to a Specific task - specific task, ministry, office place, people

     #3  With the call comes Provision - (which = Himself)


III.  The Christian's Call  ie:  (every man's call)

       #1  God is the Caller  - 1 Cor. 1:9, 1 Pet. 2:9, Rom. 8:28  He is the initiator

       #2  The Call is (still) a Summons
ie:  invitation, request ... DRAWING, WOOING - Rev. 22:17
But ... it is more than that because if refused has great consequences!!

Question:  What are we called to?  Salvation?  Eternal life? Reconciliation? new birth? forgiveness of sins?
Answer: = (A)  called to Christ!! in whom will find salvation, eternal life, etc.   Ex.  Matt. 11:28
                (B)  Called to Christ as SAVIOR and LORD -
         therefore called to obedience, discipleship, service, ministry - all under Lordship

      #3  With the Call comes Provision - (which = Christ Himself!  - Holy Spirit in you!)
So... Phil. 4:13   2 Pet. 1:3

     #4  You have a choice
On one hand, you don't have to answer the call
However, great consequences for refusal

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