Sunday, November 22, 2020

Utilizing Your Blessings

 This Series = (1) Give Thanks  
                      (2)  Always!!  
                      (3)  Blessings - What We're Thankful For!
Today:  Utilizing Your Blessings - making use of your blessings, putting them to work.

We know ... we are abundantly blessed!!!
Question:  What are we to do with those blessings??

Answer:  (1)  Enjoy them - 1 Tim. 6:17 - "....richly ..... enjoyment!"
              (2)  Care for our family - 1 Tim. 5:8 - immediate and extended family
              (3)  Do good for others - Acts 10:38, Heb. 13:16
              (4)  Build the Kingdom - here and now as well as future

This is not multiple choice!!!  Are to do ALL of these things!

POINT:  We are to utilize (make use of) blessings ..... for good!!!  (not must consume for 'self!)

This falls under Biblical concept of Stewardship!
ie:  #1)  All your stuff belongs to God - 1 Chron. 29:13-14, 16
(what is truly yours = what you take with you when you go!)

#2.  As a believer, follower, servant ... You are to Manage His stuff  ie:  the stuff He's entrusted to your care.
example:  Parable of the Talents - Matt. 25:14-30 - talking about Kingdom of God.
Someday there will be a settling of accounts.  2 of the 3 expanded his holdings.
#3.  Stewardship goes beyond physical, material stuff
1 Pet. 4:10-11
1 Tim. 6:20 a - entrust = use it well
Can be talents, abilities, opportunities, influences, people, relationships, knowledge, training, education, experience(s), insights
Anything of value, and asset that you've been Blessed with!!  

I)  Stewardship Principles are found throughout Scripture, but Specifics are worked out between you and your Master!  

Ask yourself - "what has He given me?" 
Ask Him - "What would you have me do with it?"

Therefore = an issue of personal Lordship, a matter of personal Inquiry - can be scary!!  Example:  the rich young ruler.

II)  Stewardship does not exclude personal use of blessings (the steward lives off the estate)
But stewardship avoids 2 extremes:
On one hand, excessive focus on 'self (indulgence) - Phil. 3:19
On the other hand, hoarding (excessive saving!)  Luke 12:13-21

III)  Stewardship CAN lead to great wealth!!!  Examples:  the Patriarchs
However, there is no promise of material wealth - examples:  Jesus, the Apostles
THE POINT = wealth/possessions MANAGED for the Lord!!!  Example:  Mother Teresa

IV)  Stewardship designed to Enhance life, NOT Restrict it! 
Commands to give, share usually (almost always) include promise of blessing!!
Deut. 14:28-29, Prov. 11:25, 22:9, 28:27, Luke 6:38, Matt. 25:34-40
and Matt. 25:21 - the faithful servants reward!!!

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Randy Parlor said...

Continue to spread the gospel in the manner. It is very good teaching that motivates people to look at stewardship from the LORD's perspective. God bless you!