Sunday, October 18, 2020

Typical Christian Profile (cont.)

Last week = 'Typical Christian Profile' = wish I had more confidence" (ie:  in my faith, in my daily walk)

We cited some of the Christian giants (Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Daniel, etc.) and said "I wish I had their confidence!"

Clarify:  What we MEAN is ... "I wish I FELT more confident" (in my faith, in my walk)
What we ASSUME si ... that they Felt confident! (that they didn't have the same doubts and concerns that we have)

BUT - because the giants Acted in faith doesn't necessarily mean they FELT CONFIDENT!! 


MOSES - while conversing with God Audibly!  at the burning bush... Ex. 3:11, 13, 4:1, 10, 13 - He didn't feel confident at all.  Question:  'who am I?', 'I can't do that.'  He has no confidence n himself!  

ELIJAH - immediately After all the miracles on Mt. Carmel - He lost his confidence.  1 Kings. 19:1-5 

DAVID - after going from shepherd to King - Psm. 13:1-3 (lament)

JEREMIAH - Jer. 15:10, 17-18, 20:1-2, 7, 8 - he's ready to quit.

PAUL - who'd seen the Risen Christ, received countless revelations, worked many miracles... 1 Cor. 2:1-3 - came in fear and trembling.

POINT:  We (rightly) see these men as Giants of the Faith ... BUT .. that assessment is based on the ACTIONS (not their feelings!)  Compare:  Heb. 11 "roll call of Faith" - cited for deeds (not feelings)

There is a difference in exuding confidence and having internal confidence.

Consider the feelings of Noah, Shadrach, Abednigo, Meschach, Daniel before lion's den, Abraham when offering Isaac, disciples feeding 5000.
We assume they felt confident, because they acted confident.  

POINT:  We are called to live by faith.... with confidence in God, Christ
But... we are flawed beings ... with a natural tendency to trust what we can SEE!! - (hence the 5 senses and experiential reasoning)

So,, you will sometimes doubt, struggle, question, Resist!! - You are not alone.  This is also Universal.


(1)  Feelings matter - (a)  we're created feeling beings.
                                 (b)  this is more than physical!! - emotional, psycological - examples:  love, depression, anger, etc.                 (c)  (we assume) this = part of "in His Image"

But  (2)  Feelings are not Lord!!  We're not to obey feelings!
So... when feeligns align with God's revealed will... go with them!!
But.. when feelings contrary to God's revealed will .. ignore, stifle, combat them

Feelings can be incredibly powerful adn persistent .. hence

(3)  True faith is sometimes acting in spite of or contrary to your feelings.  - example:  Luke 5:1-7

(4)  Acting in faith (outwardly) results in the Appearance of  (inner) confidence.    We see the outward response, we don't see the inner turmoil, but it's there!!!   1 Cor. 10:13

Christian life begins with trusting Jesus as your SAVIOR.
Christian life continues with trusting Jesus as your LORD

You won't get it Perfect!! (Rom. 3:23)

BUT .. you can still DO IT!!  Compare in marriage, parenting, your job.  Won't always get it perfect, but can do it!

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