Monday, February 10, 2020

The Bridge that God Built

Rom. 9:1-4 "..... the people of Israel" = introduction to Chapters 9-11
Which = (1)  God's chosen people (the Jews, Israel) Rejecting His Messiah
and therefore
              (2)  cutting themselves off from God's church (gathering) - those God has called out.

Using the Bridge Illustration:   

Here = Israel saying (1) of course we need a Bridge
But (2) that's no bridge!!! (person onf Christ, work of Christ)
And (3) We'll build our own bridge! by our works and righteousness!!! (according to the Law!)

Rom. 9:4-5 - ".....theirs is....." promises and privileges that were theirs and should still be theirs!!

BUT ... they refused the Bridge (the Messiah) and therefore forfeited their special place.
Currently, God's people are the church!!

Rom.9:6-8 - made simple: "God receives those who receive Him ... ON HIS TERMS!! regardless of gender, lineage, heritage, claims, works

BUT ... = accepting and receiving His Son; His Messiah

God foresaw this rejection and the prophets (therefore) predicted it. 

Example: Hosea - Rom. 9:25 and also Isaiah

The result??? Rom. 9:30-31

Why did this happen? Rom. 9:32-33

(1) they sought right standing based on WORKs, and 
(2) stumbled at God's Christ (Savior, Messiah)

So.... Rom. 10:1-2, 3,4 - they wanted right standing but would not accept God's plan.

Paul's point (anguish) = God Sent His Promised Messiah (Savior) 

AND ... His Chosen people ... Rejected Him!!!

Jesus' own words on this ... John 14:6

On one hand, God = Very Inclusive!! - "whosoever will may come..."
However, also = very exclusive "ONLY by THIS Bridge" (ie: the Bridge that God Built)

(as stated) the Jewish Community (largely) Rejected that Bridge, BUT ... they are not the only ones!!

So... lessons ... from this passage - to all people(s) concerning this Bridge

#1) don't assume that blessings are evidence of good standing. (ie: things going well with me therefore God = pleased with me)

Example: their blessings vs. their standing Rom. 9:4-5
(obviously (1) true of salvation!
but also true of(2)Christian walk Example: Solomon, health and wealth

#2. Don't assume sincerity is sufficient - Rom. 10:2

their "zeal" said NO Sabboth healing, harvesting

Note: Matt. 7:21-23 - not condemning Zeal, but advocating Zeal Plus Knowledge!!!

Application: (obviously) = (1) Salvation!

However, also true of (2) the Christian Walk

#3. Don't try to build your OWN bridge - Rom. 10:3, Luke 18:9-14

On one hand, works are necessary tot he Christian Walk! However, NOT to obtain salvation.
Note Rom. 10:3 - ... to "submit to God's righteousness" - (bow the knee, surrender to) is to submit to ... His Bridge!!

#4.  Don't try to re-design God's Bridge

Examples:  (1) a Christ who died for all therefore Universalism - "I'm OK, you're OK, we're all OK because Jesus died for everyone"
                 (2)  A Christ who is "Love" therefore no judgment, no condemnation, no wrath!!

Note:  This is the Bridge that God built!!

Back to where we started:  John 14:6

On one hand, very inclusive - "whosoever will ... MAY come."
However,  very exclusive - "I am THE way..... no one .... Except by me"

IF you accept and embrace this message, then that sets you apart from Typical American.

BUT ... it sets you on a Very Firm Foundation because this (and only this) is the Bridge that GOD Built!!!

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