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Opening - One Solitary Life

1/3 of the world's population (roughly 2 billion people) claim some form of Christianity.   8 in 10 Americans claim to be Christian

How do you explain the greatness of the Man whose birth we celebrate at Christmas?

The Biblical explanation = INCARNATION!!  
Definition of Incarnation = God in flesh, God in human form, in a human body - LITERALLY!!

(deeper view) - (1)  the 2nd. person in the Godhead in human form.  (God, the Father, Son, Holy Spirit)
God is Spirit.  Christ is something we can see, touch, hear, etc.  He is he EXACT representation of God.
(2)  though fully human, nevertheless fully God!!!  (ie:  fully human without compromising His Deity/Divinity)

John 1:1, 14  1 John 1:1,  Col. 1:15,  Heb. 1:3

On one hand, He's clearly human!!  His birth, childhood.. hunger, thirst, pain exhaustions, emotions ... AND the lineage which records His human ancestry!

However, He's clearly divine
(1)  He displayed (divine) authority .. though many miracles of many kinds (healings, nature, demons) John 21:25

(2)  He claimed divine prerogative to forgive sin(s)
then performed an obvious, miraculous healing to verify His right to that claim!
(Other audacious personal claims as well)

(3)  He evidenced uniqueness in His Presence and His teaching.  Example:  John 7:46 - temple guards

(4)  His Resurrection - from death  over death!!  Rom. 1:4   Even His own brothers came to believe after the resurrection.

(5)  His Ascension  - physical, visible

(6)  ALL in line with, and fulfilling Old Testament prophecies!

So, Both fully human and fully Divine.

Question:  HOW???   Answer:  I don't know!  BUT.....
(1)  it is a mystery - 1 Tim. 3:16
note:  beyond understanding does not mean beyond possibility

(2)  Divinely Accomplished - Isa. 9:6-7  "the seal of the Lord
IF you can buy Gen. 1:1, then should have no problem with the incarnation!

(note:  the deist (unorthodox "Christian") wants to recognize Jesus' uniqueness without admitting His deity!!
Which, on one hand, is understandable  ("mystery")
However, C.S. Lewis' argument = "Liar, Lunatic, or Lord" - Has to be one of the three

This we celebrate at Christmas!!  Matt. 1:22-23

Takeaways??  In the Incarnation we gain...

I.  A Better Understanding of God  (His Person, Character)
Examples:  (1)  His humility - "stepped down" - Phil. 2:5-8
                                          - "stooped down" - John 13:12-16 - foot washing
                  (2)  His love, concern - John 3:16, Rom. 5:8 - more than declared, = demonstrated!!
                  (3)  His accessibility -  contrast  temple cleansing, sinners, unclean..., with "come unto me, whosoever will"

II.  A Model for ourselves - example:  fad from several years ago:  WWJD?  (what would Jesus do?)
Answer = (A)  look at His teachings   (B)  look at His Example!!
Examples:  stewardship, interaction with sinners, "cross!!

III.  An understanding of His understanding - Heb. 2:17-18, 4:14-16  - He understands what we are going through,

This is What we celebrate!  This is WHO we celebrate!!

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